fap map

I think someone should create a map filled with pictures of hot naked ladies everywhere on the walls and stuff so you can frag and fap at the same time. It could be a gain of time for lots of us!

image: WC-paraguay-hot-girl-fan-Larissa-Riquelme_2
Isn't there a neji jump map with a "secret" room with nude pics?
just 2 random girls with ugly boobs :( I want a map filled with pr0n EVERYWHERE!
like a remake of supply or sth. supply_porn.pk3
Actually theres about 10 different girls if I recall...
piyo funjumps has a special room with asian girls in it, hairy asians to be correct :S
godjump - Godfather made an rtcw map where you could airstrike up onto a tunnel roof and jump down onto a yellow pad, behind the names banner thing was a shit load of porn :d

you can trickjump in some maps and fap fap
Now that's a great idea. On the other hand, how about you go fuck yourself?
Hey, i'm sorry. I shouldn't be so harsh, but that's just a bad idea :(.
OH MY GOD you have three hands, that must be fuckin awesome!
lol u nub cannot into playing with one hand. pls nigga
I already do but I need my 2nd hand to text on my phone.
ya sure like u nerd got any friend to text with pls nigga
well not friends but your mom keeps texting me :/
Sorry you made that last one too easy for me :P. Anyway, good luck with your idea :_D
I was expecting that answer tbh :{D but I must admit u pwnt me a bit :)
zzzzzzzzzz keep listening to ur shit mainstream skrillex
I recall Belgium Zeto trying to find the porn stash in some TJ map or another, but failed to do so
rumor has it he is still looking.
remember that
must be hard to minimize your game.
fucking sad as fuck
almost every other trickjump map has a secret room like that.
I second that.
thats the reason new logitech keyboards have this small lcd screen on them
Definition of a true nerd: Can not stop gaming even for fapping.
what a sad journal...no wonder your name is sadeface
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