How to win mid?

Farm, farm, farm your lane
while the others roam
30 minutes into the game
ace them all alone

some epic quotes:

me: why no boots ani?
randomplayer: because anivia flies, so dont need boots
me: u serious?
randomplayer 2: l2p faggot

me: can i have next blue
jungle: kk
support: i need blue for wards

1st pick: Lee sin jungle
2nd pick: Morde mid
3rd pick: nidalee top
me+spanish dude left

me: you want ad or support?
spanishdude: gimme ad

he takes vayne, i take alistar, at the last second he decides to go soraka

spanishdude:i take soraka to counter their support
rest of team: ...

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in b4 shen op

love u
if the game would be logical, anivia truely wouldnt need boots
+1 I so agree with that anivia's logic.
but still riot doesn't support that "logic"
riot are silly, lee sin can be blinded WATTAFAK HE ALREADY BLIND
wtf is this shit game
Ik ben bijna level 30 dani, goed he? :$
goedzo jongen! bijna een echte man! :)
hope you'z a trolling
ofc not, me iz under 900 elo! me dunno shit
good jungle, 1st blood, give blue, gank always
In HoN and DotA u win mid like diz:

1) control the creeps
2) lasthit and deny
3) outlvl your opponent by either killing him or ganking somewhere
4) dont leave mid unless you get a kill
5) dont just buy 1 regen item and safe up for a big item

get runes (if there are any in this shit game, which i doubt)
Press Q, W, E, R, feed like 30 times and still win the game cause u lost no gold at all.

gz u are now a LoL pro
ur childhood is still haunting you, i feel bad for u bro
actually denying creeps on mid makes a big difference

anyway my guide how to win mid is to know ur hero and man up and go all in and eventually u rape noobs

[e] aw shit i just noticed ur 1500 wut i am talkin about
hes asking for a LoL mid guide. you cant deny creeps in LoL?
true that havent noticed its about LoL, just read ur reply
ha! 8) anyway im boosting right now, should be 1700 in a few days i rarely loose currently, carrying every game.
hello im waiting for you reply (:
take support
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