hello sons of satan

how are u?

how was ur week?

how was ur day?

what u gonna do tonight?

had an exausting week. so finally gonna relax tonight aka drink with my friends and girlfriends and later go clubbing. gonna be a good night

and the weather is finally becoming normal

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gonna play some et this weekend and learn for uni.. math, physic and chemistry examen tuesday -.-

next week gonna party but not this weekend :(

wish u a nice weekend!
Better than yours.
ow its friday already ? didnt even notice :S

studying over 6 hours per day atm and just make little breaks to eat, sleep and watch football ;( one more week to go and then 7 weeks holidays :)

GirlfriendS? :)

I'm back from a two days trip in France France. That was fun, I bought some clothes and noticed one more time how awesome we are in Belgium Belgium and how the "Parisiens" are.. stupids. Yeah, stupids is the word I was looking for.

Tonight I'm gonna stay home, watch TV (le Gendarme en Ballade, my favorite one), share a Cognac with my brother who's just back from Montpellier and my father and get psyched for tomorrow night, even thought I hate to go out during the week end..

Wish you the best for tonight, you might use the condoms your received two years ago :)
nerding 3on3s all night + some TJ + fapping for happy end
Bf3 errryday
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