So ronner made cool script with spawnpoints, class and spawntime, all on keypad(?) but the link from his forum thread isn't working anymore. Does anyone got it?
Write ur own ?
it's too hard for him
I don't but check this out!
fix your link :p you have an extra ! at the end, so it goes straight to my 404 page now :p
anyway, here's the correct link:
I mean look how usefull this guy is, I don't even have to post correct links and he will still make stuff work! Using his scripts for ~3 year now and still loving it.
// Class Selector

bind f10 "team blue 1"
bind f11 "team red 1"
bind f12 "team s"
bind f1 "class s 2; say_team ^7mg-42^5* ;com_maxfps 125"
bind f2 "class s 4; say_team ^7panzer^5* ;com_maxfps 125"
bind f4 "class m 1; say_team ^7medic^5* ;com_maxfps 125"
bind f5 "class f 1; say_team ^7field^5* ;com_maxfps 125"
bind f6 "class e 1; say_team ^7engi^5* ;com_maxfps 125"
bind f7 "class e 2; say_team ^7rifle^5* ;com_maxfps 125"
bind f8 "class c 3; say_team ^7sniper^5* ;com_maxfps 71"
bind f9 "class c 1; say_team ^7sten^5* ;com_maxfps 125"

//Spawn points

bind DOWNARROW "setspawnpt 1; say_team ^[1^5*"
bind LEFTARROW "setspawnpt 2; say_team ^[2^5*"
bind RIGHTARROW "setspawnpt 3; say_team ^[3^5*"
bind UPARROW "setspawnpt 4; say_team ^[4^5*"
bind DEL "setspawnpt 5; say_team ^[5^5*"
bind END "setspawnpt 0; say_team ^[0^5*"
bind INS "setspawnpt 6; say_team ^[6^5*"
What is/are the commands for "spawntimer" like you automaticly say "Spawntime 15/35/55" in teamchat?
Long long script
whats means this:

seta demo_avifpsF1 "0"
seta demo_avifpsF2 "10"
seta demo_avifpsF3 "15"
seta demo_avifpsF4 "20"
seta demo_avifpsF5 "24"
those are the default values of binds for F1-F5 when watching demo and recording it to screenshots (how many screenshots per second the game should take) = for movie making purposes
bind KP_DEL "setspawnpt 0;say_team ^wSpwnpnt 0^4."
bind KP_END "setspawnpt 1;say_team ^wSpwnpnt 1^4.."
bind KP_DOWNARROW "setspawnpt 2;say_team ^wSpwnpnt 2^4."
bind KP_PGDN "setspawnpt 3;say_team ^wSpwnpnt 3^4."
bind KP_LEFTARROW "setspawnpt 4;say_team ^wSpwnpnt 4^4."
bind KP_5 "setspawnpt 5;say_team ^wSpwnpnt 5^4."

//Class Selection Script
bind F5 "class s 4;say_team ^7panzer"
bind F6 "class m 1;say_team ^7Medic"
bind F7 "class e 1;say_team ^7eng smg"
bind F8 "class f 1;say_team ^7fops"
bind F9 "class c 3;say_team ^7 covs sniper"
bind F10 "class e 2;say_team ^7eng rifle"
bind F11 "class s 2;say_team ^7soldier mg"
Bind f12 "class c 1;say_team ^7 covs sten"
antman's spawnpoint + timer and bind the classes yourself
bind m cmd say_team =BB Medic; class m 1"
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