polak skill

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yes, poles are prolly the best drivers on the world, mostly because of our superiority
they are rly retarded poltard, not surprising.
yes, i encountered that same stupidity while beeing on holiday in poland. fucking idiots.
browsing reddit huh ;)
thats just daily routine actions, not amused :DDDDDDDDDDdd
and this is all from the same person, seriously polish people are missing a chromosome
like your mom?
ah youre sprajt, a dogface busted by slac. youre a perfect example of a dumb polak who misses a chromosome.
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no was probably other sprajt from poland
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veri guut driverz. how did these guys get their drivinglicense?
im driving without. problem?
explains why u are so fucking retarded :DD
what? u must be retarded if u need driving license :|
is that the whole time the same guy who is recording?
lol, anybody could record everywhere that movie after some time of driving. Crashes arent only here in poland...
no u dont understand. in other countries like the netherlands for example, people actually check left and right before they cross the street...
yes ppl in every country are super amazing and they never loses one attention :D:D
After some time? Are you fucking kidding me?

No wait, I suppose it's common to drive like that in Poland so you think that we do the same in everywhere around Europe. Fuck you guys are clueless..
It is very weird that you say how we drive in poland since im pole... I live here 17years, i was drivin a lot as a passenger through this 17 years and i've never been in any dangerous situation like these on this video. And i have never been even in a small cracked... Ofc they are common in big cities on congested roads but they occurs all around the world.
Funny because it's fairly obvious that every clip is recorded by the same person.
but it wasnt recorded in one day but hmm, one year or even
if he is a curier and he rides 10h/day it is normal that he could record as many incidents
That's just stupid. During a year? Really?

I've been a passenger for as long as I can remember and beyond that, and never have I seen someone drive as shitty as those people there. I can't even remember being in a "close call" situation.

Obviously accidents do happen, that's just normal. But it's nothing compared to this, NO ONE DRIVES LIKE THAT.
polish people do. was there on holiday. mainly driving on roads outside of town since we were located at the beach in some smaller village. speedlimit was 50 so we were driving like 60-70 since it was outside of town, pretty normal i think. but the people living there were mostly driving around 100 so we got overtaken all the time. thats still ok with me, as long as the road was free and noone was coming at us on the other side of the road. but that was not always the case. best moment was a truck overtaking us at about 80 while we were passing a small forest and you had no insight of what lies behind the corner. so he just blindly took the other side of the road and overtook us while cornering. and that happend like 4 times in such dangerous situations while our stay there (6 days). was back in 2006. dunno if anyone is still alive now ^^
I bet you have never been to romania, bulgaria, turkey, slovenia and... germany since amount of ppl who died in car accident in poland is comparable to amount of germans that died in car accident

But it is true that truckers in poland are pretty insane sometimes, but they are fast and good drivers even if they sometimes have to break the rules to go on time because if they will be late then he will receive a penalty(smaller payment).

Friend of my brother who is a truckerr had to take a sick leave to drive 18h a day because in other case he might get punish by police on tachograph and he wont be able to go with a shipment on time... I also bet german truckers have a bit easier...
Quote bet you have never been to romania, bulgaria, turkey, slovenia and... germany since amount of ppl who died in car accident in poland is comparable to amount of germans that died in car accident

Hey! Lets pull random facts out of our asses!


Poland 14,7 deaths / 100.000 citizens
Germany 4;5 deaths / 100.000 citizens

Thats only three times as many while there is without doubt less traffic in poland compared to germany.
same in south of france. Cab drivers are just crazy there
Actually managed to find some statistics on this, though it's 6~ years old.

Poland has approximately 12 times more road fatalities than Finland. http://ec.europa.eu/sverige/documents/traffic_press_stats.pdf

And that's fatalities only, if you count in smaller accidents I think the number would at least triple if not quadruple.
Please... Compare population of poland to population of fins (36mln to 5mln)togoether with that area of your country is bigger than area of poland (finland = 16citizens/km^2, poland = 102citizens/km^2) :D If traffic on your roads is several times smaller it is not weird that fin roads are 'safe'

And according to your staticstics Italians, Germans and UKs are also terrible drivers
Those are not my statistics, nor do I care if Italians, Germans or British people are bad drivers. Oh and just so you know, northern Finland doesn't really cover any roads nor do many people live there in the first place. It's just a fact that the driving shown above is fucking terrible and there is no way in hell a single person could record that many incidents alone.

The first clip alone says enough. NO ONE JUST DRIVES NEXT TO YOU LIKE THAT. WTF??!?!
I agree with janusz, your claims are bad...
Excellent analysis skills, really :XDDDDD
Just so you know too, that's not my statistic and really, just watch the video. I've never seen anyone drive so bad.
I know what you mean but you won't get your point across to those idiots anyway. Every single one of those drivers should be banned from driving a car, I have only seen one of these "situations" while driving myself but I've only been driving for about 3 years with about an average of 50 km a day, but still.
And how much do you drive per year? What kind of roads do you drive? There are so many questions to be asked to compare Poland to Belgium and other countries. I guess the video was not made to show people how stupid and blind polish drivers are. It was made to open people's eyes and wake the fuck up. 3 years ago when I was still going on holidays with my parents I could easily count 3-4 situations similar to these in the video (some were more dangerous, some were less) during a 6-7 hours journey. I also can agree with what shmoe said. Lorry drivers are brainless in most of these cases. They are comparable to being a suicide.

I was in Montenegro last summer and I was shocked too. Drivers were insane, so was the police. There was a huge traffic jam and 2 policemen were doing duty of a traffic light. I could see a policeman on a scooter too who was moving along pavements, (where people were walking) with the speed as if he was on the road, to inform one of the officers to pass cars from one side. The scooter guy was playing with some local boys. They were chasing each other while all the other drivers were trying to go through. Most of them were simply mad for the pilice behaviour, they couldn't do anything tho. It was funny but really... I could see that all of the environment there is so much behind polish environment. On the other hand they didn't care if one car hits another. They just pushed one car if they couldn't get through a small road, lol. One of their custom was to use the horn whenever they see someone known to them. There was one big noise on the roads.
lorry drivers are driving so fast because they have to, not because they are crazy, if you would have to choose between drivin fast, and not receive a payment you propably also will drive like a freak, but it seriously isnt drivers guilty but our country(gov etc) because they are responsible for this hell on roads, i still think we have good drivers If germans will be driving like we in poland then their nationality would vanish because they drive like a "CIPY" ;d but poles just have to drive fast,if we could live like a germans, scandinavian and so on then we would also drive without breaking the rules:p
Just so you know, it's not important who made statistics but who reads it. My point is that you obviously can't read. And yes, I've seen the vid, it's horrible but I'm not discussing it here now.
Read my comment again, I'm not talking about any statistic, hypocrite.
in 18 years i can count every accidents i have seen on 1 hand ... You just don't know how to kurwa drive
i didnt drive a car, im 2 young atm but still i saw in my life only 1 serious accidents.
I didn't see any serious accident :D
terrible drivers, wtf
why would you think that? i think they are doing just fine..
Cpt. Obvious
lol they drive like in mario cart :D
Must be fake
can't remember where I saw it, but some statistic shit showed that Portugal has the worst drivers in Europes

Italians can drive too

'In the EU, the country with the highest number of Car accidents and fatalities is Italy followed by Poland.'
need some hax imo
welcome in my city :D!
Yes. We have the best drivers. :)
and not a single kurwa was said that day
Movie from my city ;) <3
Cu@the road ;d
poland is just 1 fucked up country haha, be happy you in the EU :)
Just bomb the place already. Waste of oxygen anyway.
One of the most hilarious videos I've seen for ages :D
if this is hilarious for you, then you have never been in istanbul.
Yes it is true :DD
thats what happends when you can buy a license for 40 zloty
image: 400376_319912444708841_100000702642994_1055123_29642220_n

I thought this was hilarious.. on the way to Zakopane from Krakow they let this guy out for a piss then drive off without him and let him chase the car down the road for about a mile :D
bmw mercedes vw, never poland ;D
haah the car I was in was actually a mercedes too :P
As much as I love every chance I get to bash polaks, this shit happens everywhere...
Some of the drivers are fucking idiots, nothing new here. If you think such things happen only in Poland, you're the one who's retarded.
Let's be honest. The polish people are surely the most stupid nation in europe. I feel fucking ashamed to be a nighbour of this country.
While saying this you should be ashamed of yourself.
We are not stupi :(, we have exceptions. KaTzeee new Hitler ;d
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