vaGgi is back from the club

i am back from the club and yes, i am fucking drunk.

been dancing and flirting all night long with the fine ladies, you know what i mean.
no you probably dont, but i dont give a sweet damn cuz i think you be doin some other nice shit.

i hope you had a nice weekend and you'll have a nice chilly sunday cuz thats what im going to do.

peace and love to all of you.
yes, vaGgi loves you. you must feel honored now because i would feel honored if i was you but luckily i am not you and thats good because if i would be you i wouldnt be me.

this video here is the best video in the history of mankind.

love it or hate it, i dont give a crap.
kisses. :********

if you have a white box, click this instead:
nerd got drunk from 9 shots!?1?
do it times 10 and you know how much i drank d00d

no just kidding, but tbh, it was more than enough

anyway, feels good man
Show that bitch some respect.
Bitches love respect.
bitch =/= respect
u dont think bitches earn some respect?

racist bastard!

i know that feel coming home from teh culb when it was fucking epic,but you have to say goodbye to your freinds and you dont bring a girl/dont have a g,so you are in your room and feel the need to share the epicness because noone else is around
haha and THATS why facebook is forbidden zone @ that time!
slept the night in jail, they wake you up at 6:30? :/
wB frOm dA clUb VaGgiNA
clUb VaGinA !? owww yea
That fisthead video made my day, seriously :{D
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