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Hey, so I quit smoking couple of months ago and as most of smokers who have tried it, can agree that you will start eating/snacking more and gain some weight.

Now, the winter is coming to an end and I guess I would like to get rid of those extra kilos.

So Crossfire, I could use some tips about food, which give you less calories, but wont deprive of the feeling of having a full stomach.

I know that chicken is quite healthy on that department but it also depends how it's cooked etc.

I am not looking to do some over the top diet or something, I run 3+ km per day for that, therefore I need just some basic instructions.

Thank you for your help:)

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Drink a lot of water instead of other shit, thats a good way to lose weight :)
that's not so healthy :(
Actually if u drink water instead of cola or other things it is healthy. I don't say u need to drink more than you do, but just water instead of your usual drinks..
I dont drink sodas. Only when I drink rum with it :P

And yeah, I first read like drink water instead of food:D
Ok, then u stay fat, fatass hf!

cu lan
food is overrated
I just made pancake! It became awsum! 4dl flour, 1-1,5dl sugar, chump of butter (the real one, not that fake-shit), little bit of cocoa-powder (dumle ofc), vanil-sugar (just a little bit) and salt (just a little bit). Oven around 200C for, hmm 35 min. Oh, forgot the milk, around 7-8dl of it. Mix the stuff and put it in the oven. Eat with coffee.

Omnom. It won't help you loose weight, but at least you will feel gooood.
Maybe cancer will kill you quick enough so you don't have to worry about heart disease.
Kus sa jooksed?
Väga randomilt. Vaatan delfist kaardi järgi ära ja lähen :D ( Tänavatel muidu )
MORNING: Stick to healthy complex carbs, Alpen, Porridge oats, Corn Flakes, Weetabix, Bran Flakes, Fruit and Fibre.
I have one bowl of cereal and a shake of cyclone and 2 CLA-1000 tablets.

AFTERNOON: Healthy salad with chicken, tuna, salmon.. Anything high in Protein to keep you full and not picking!

*Take 2 more CLA-1000 pills inbetween afternoon meal and dinner*
*Take your second Cyclone shake straight after your gym session*

DINNER: For dinner I usually have a tuna omelette with a small fillet of salmon or some chicken.

EVENING: In the evening I have 1 shake of Whey Protein with milk, Go Ahead bar and maybe a tin of tuna.

If you start craving carbs, eat something high in protein and you'll feel full and you won't want to snack!

hope it helps :)))
How expensive those pills are?

And, could you point out some easy foods with high protein :) ?
Eat meat

have lots of things to do, then you dont feel hunger (this is the most important thing for me)
fat nerd with glasses :P
Not even 80 kilos.
Oats, porridge, tuna, chicken, cous cous. All of these will feel you up and slowly release energy throughtout the day, except the meat ofc

-edit from ati-
"he needs to man the fuck up and eat less carbs and drink more water and fucking train"
I would eat less carbs if I knew which one's are the really bad ones etc. Expect the most obvious ones ofcourse :D

Apart from that use your common sense. Flour (any sort) obviously has loads of carbs, therefore pasta, bread etc. are carbs loaded. Also oats, potatoes, rice, most fruits.

Check the nutritional info on the back of the packages.
If potatoes, pasta and rice are full of it, what should I get?

Even if I buy chicken broilers, I need something else next to it also ?
Vegetables :-)?

Salad and other raw veggies, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, peas, asparagus etc.

You can and should still eat carbs. It's calories in, calories out that determines weight loss, not the amount of carbs. However personally I find carbs less filling than vegetables for the same calories (100g pasta or 1 kg broccoli, same calories).

You're not really overweight, so go easy on that. If you decide for low carb, you could try and just cut out the carbs from one meal to start with and see how that goes.
However if you are serious about the weight loss, go buy a kitchen scale and count calories. After a couple of weeks you will get a good feeling about portion sizes and the calories that are in each type of food.
Oh, okey :)

I just love me some carrots and paprika, but paprika is quite expensive :P

And those beans are the ones in the tomato sauce?

E. Lunch should be the most nutritious meal compared to breakfast/dinner?
It doesn't matter when you eat and what you eat as long as you stay under your daily caloric need. High protein, low carb is helping in that case and there are studies supporting that a high protein diet is more effective than a mixed diet, even with same calories.

Paprika is quite expensive here as well, it's winter. They will get cheaper by spring/summer.
Beans can be any beans, green, red, white, purple, whatever colors are out there. I personally would avoid anything already precooked as you mostly can't control what ingredients (other than beans) are put into the can or package.

Seriously, just check the nutritional info for each food item at least once (package or online). It takes seconds and you instantly know if it fits your calories or if it doesn't fit. And also how much protein/carbs/fat etc. are in 100g of it (don't mix up 100g and serving sizes, the serving sizes are usually ridiculously small)
Btw, cottage cheese a good food in those departments?

Seems to be low calories and high protein :)
Yes, of course it is.
Cottage cheese + sliced apples + sour cream + little bit of salt

It's so delicious and I bet you will like it as well :)
If it's brown put it down
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