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***************************************************************************************************** Hey CF, we ( are going to show few matches from CDT'2 one of them will be war team xPERiA vs team griim.
image: game31451

We are going to stream few minutes before the match starts. I hope that you will be there supporting us ( and giving some questions or just talking with us at our channel ) during the stream. I also hope that you will enjoy it and help us with our next streams, because we are going to get better. You can watch our latest stream(s) on our channel.

e: I added big play button. You can simple click it and enjoy our stream Cya there :]

image: logo_big
image: play-button
Nice, will watch :)
I can co-cast the final or whatever if R0SS is willing or someone else :)
Take this guy, able to speak " english ". No offence guys :P
Didn´t you said yesterday something other?
Na, I said I couldn't do it yesterday :p
no offence, but you really need commentators that are capable of speaking understandable english
I know this was just a teststream, so i understand everything is still in development. but i wanted to point out a few things that i would say need development.

I just watched your first try. the cfg is too dark and if its possible in any way pls try to increase the video quality.
try to get away from that television. it doesnt look that good (my oppinion). get a real logo for your puropse, maybe even rethink the name of the whole idea. is too similar to the ingame service ettv and potential viewers could get confused easily. the info screens were nice to have, information wise, but also didnt look that good (as i said, i really dont like that televion thing around everything). maybe watch some professional streaming teams and checkout their layouts (guess you already did that). i personally love to watch the IGNProLeague stream (i dont know how to compare this to ET streaming exactly, but maybe you do :D)

commentator wise i think you guys are doing a good job, but you really need someone who can speak good fluent english to help you out or take over when you are stuck ;)
to have a highskill player like R0SS with you is obviously a plus. keep that up!

just my oppinion :) gl hf and make sure to cast team germany games :PPP
thank you a lot yes we are still working about this but we need first find good team of streamers then we will make one good layout to our stream channels :P logo was made fast by aiRen ;] we will make better but first we just want to make some noise around new;p. what about name we don't know yet what we will do maybe we will change it don't know we will see in future. And quality is already good we can now increse gamma ;p we will still work around this we just need more time and more help from community :]. ONE MORE TIME BIG THANK FOR YOUR POST =]
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