[Map release] Cold Fort beta 1

Cold Fort beta 1

I'm Pleased to announce the release of my map's first beta.
After several local and private server tests I've reached the point to release the map to the public.

The map is 24/7 playable at: with running ETPro.
For any suggestions/bugs and other things you would like to share you can respond here or PM me.

See my website(mapping.stephanhondeveld.com) for an objectives walkthrough.

Quick map objectives description:
Axis have to blow the Main Gate and/or Side Wall to gain access to the basement of the fort where the Gold is located behind the Objective Door.
To quicker access they could capture the Forward Spawn inside of the fort.
In mean while the Allies have to defend the fort by constructing the Allied Fence and manage to keep the Objective Door closed at anytime.
Both teams have an option to construct the neutral Command Post.

View at truck and Axis main spawn area.
image: upl_m24

The cave from/to the Allied main spawn area.
image: upl_m27

The Gold behind the door.
image: upl_m26

Allied rest room.
image: upl_m23

Outside view near the Sherman thank.
image: upl_m22

Main Gate.
image: upl_m25

Allied Forward Spawn area.
image: upl_m21

Mapping by Speer!
Thanks to England Danje for his help and NBS for the server sponsor.

Download coldfortb1.pk3

Notice: This is the public release version. With the final release there will be a Cold Fort Zombie special for the Zombiemod: #zombiemod.et
hope its playable for the scene, gl & good job
screens look cool
looks very good.
the map reminds me of fueldump and adlernest at some points :) +
looks really nice!
lookz cool
looks good
I hope it will be more playable than library :S
What do u mean? I think library is awesome
I dont really like it, imo its not really fitting for competition :/
Screenshots look amazing! Reminds me also of fueldump and adlernest on some screenshots but that's not bad at all. :) Gonna try it now
DL Link?
Added link in Journal post :)
Nice work Speer :), work has paid off xD.

Go server gogogogo :D
i did some research at the map, at first sight its quite small, so 3o3 only

besides that, how can i open the obj door?

edit: found it, button is at a really strange position, because the cave leads to nothing if im right?? Its nice to see the effort you took into this, but the first spawn of the axis seems rather strange, and the last part looks like a maze:<
The cave leads to the Allied main spawn, via de room behind the button is also a way that Allied can come there, but Axis can't go in that same way to avoid spawn killing.

My intention was to keep it quiet small.

There are also already some things listed which will be changed for the second beta!
The Axis will get a second spawn exit and the Allied will get a quicker access to the Side Wall.

About the maze part: It's probably the same thing in any map while playing the first time(s): where is everything?
still if the axis has the obj, there is hardly a good way for the allies to prevent the axis from securing the obj. As there are 2 ways ( the cave and a crouch spot) which is too inbalanced..
I have some ideas to solve that problem already and I'm looking for the best solution(s) to balance that.

The problem is: Allies can always go to the truck via the Main Gate.
However if there are no allies near the side and they run into the moment of Axis spawn, then there is no chance for the Allies to win.
However if there is a way to go there directly via their spawn and a second way to the Side Wall, they will have a much bigger chance.

2 of the options I'm thinking of, is a extra way from spawn to the staircase, and from the cave to the Side Wall.
Besides that, giving the fake door near the Side Wall an actual function.
image: MBNjE

was borat
awwwww yeaaaaa i love snow maps
very nice
Awesome! Could really see this being played in 3v3.
seems like a very cool map, but honestly i dont think that this community will ever add another map for more than 2cups :D
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