ps3 for sale

After I got bored by my ps3, I'd like to sell it. here is the link to the Allegro website where are some usefull information
Play Station 3
If any non-polish speaking person wants it, I will translate.
cheers and tripple lemonade for everyone.
HDMI was not in the ps3 pack.
How much do u want from it?(€) Might be intrested because, bought mine like 2007 and its going to die :-(
~ € 212,-- too expensive.
rather getting a brand new one for the same price..
Oh , then im not going to buy it because i can get Ps3 Slim 160GB with 189euros !
prolly, but i sell 320gb's ps3 + fifa 12. so the cost rises.
whos gonna use a 320 gb harddrive for Fifa wtf
Is there only fifa for ps3 ? mother of gods !
I bought ps3 for fifa only 11/12 and was waiting for 13 but as I wrote before, I got bored so someone may be use this 320 gb, moreover i will not sell 320 gb ps3 for the same price as 160gb's ps3 goes.
but who will pay for a used ps3 more than 200 Euro when he can have a brand new one with 160 GB and often in packs with 2 new games which u can choose yourself for around 180 Euro ?
new ps3 320 gb in poland costs around 1100 zlotys what makes around 265 euro. I sell 320 gb ps3 with 1 year and 2 months warranty card + one game. I think 225 euro makes now sense.
maybe for poland - but in poland eletronic articles were always more expensive than for example in germany
true story.
that's cheap. new i hope?
yeap, completely new. And you can get Ps3 from almost/or just under 200euros. Its like 180euros but u have to pay tax or something like that so it does rise the cost.
i've imported a lot from like some 360 games.
22 for battlefield 3
8 for duke nukem
12 for that game with Jack Black forgot the name..
I haven't paid any taxes yet.

my 360 came from it costed me only 200 and it's the one with 250 GB.
Amazon is really cheap if you know where to look and also check the other domains.
lucky you!
y! glhf with your ps3 cya
lol @ playing on ps3 without hdmi
omg. I did, just HDMI was not in the starter pack.
I sell my PS2

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