Dota 2: The Defense Grand Final

Na'vi vs Quantic gaming.

Going to start now. I think Estonia Puppey will own with it's picking.

And those who want to see why Dota players are so much better than other copy gamers like from HoN and LoL, you could check it out.

Ps. Why cant ET have streams like this with full quality?
Navi will win 3-0 or 3-1
even complexity cant beat them
whats ur dota2 acc nub :P
great games :D
troll or not :(?
i mean the final :) no troll
The best players from HoN were all Dota players anyway so I don't see your point.
infect is just really retarded, dont mind him
You are as retarded as me, so please, why even bother calling me anything ? :D
yet you have nothing to prove that im retarded but i do; your comments

dont reply plz
My point is that people like Waki say that HoN is the best game, they are the best players etc.

I just pointed out that Hon Lol fags can check it out and see why their game actually sucks.
u cant compare lol and dota players. completely different game

and lol > all
No, not really.

Give an average Dota player like a month to get used to the engine and the game, and they will bash any average Lol player. And yes, that happened in HoN and LoL when those games came out.
That has to be the dumbest statement ever.

Also, nice game that crashes when people want to watch.
And yet, it is true. Go ask Mouzsports( The only decent dota2 who came from Hon. Where all of them are Dota players before Hon)

And it's like with ET. ETTV(streams) are there to watch the game, not the ip where the game is actually played.

That must be the stupidest statement ever."crashes when people want to watch"
The ability to IP watch games is stupid. If it can be abused, don't implement it in a game.

People that played DotA of course start ahead in games like HoN and LoL. The fact mouz is the only decent team in DotA 2 that came from HoN only goes to show that no good HoN team has made the switch yet.
Yes, they have.

And it's a beta game. Ofc it wont work perfectly, because the beta is usually meant for 5vs5 games, not 1000+ spectators in the game as well.
Then why have it in the game?
Because it will work in the not beta version? And you need to build in stuff in the beta, because games arent like legos, where you put one layer on another. They are intertwined.
u dont even have the game, why the fuck are you argueing here? I have the game and I must say it is fucking good :)
I dont? Wow, you know so much and everything about everyone.

And I got to say, i havent played much Dota2, but been playing dota for so long that there isnt much difference how the heroes are played and how you play it. The game engine is only different.
Still you cant say anything like "Dota2 better than HoN and LoL" first of all, its stupid and irritating towards other game players and secondly u dont even know how the game engine works, and maybe it sucks for your bad video card etc.. so maybe stfu before argueing about something u have never tried :P
Gameengine has nothing to do with my graphic card :D:D:D You stupid mongol.

And yes, i can say that about other games and yes, the point is to offend the other game players.
Reading comments, i can see everyone hates you :) Irritating little cunt. You must be a miserable person in real life to be such a retard online, always negative, and yes you are fucking retard as LeJuice said
I guess I am the happiest person I know in real life. Just retards like you make it so easy to just bash your stupid face.
Sure u are, u dont even have a life retard :D
So, what do I nolife so hard that I have nolife?

I dont even play 1 dota2 game per day, I dont play any FPS games. I have never played WoW.

So please tell me, where my life is?
relax nerd, go out and breathe fresh air
lol > dota 2
HoN > dota
them lagspikes
LoL > hon > dota
why the fuck do you even compare Dota 2 with HoN.
And why the fuck do you even talk about that other shitgame LoL.
HoN is a fast-paced action-oriented experience whereas Dota is the original demands more longterm strategy-based decisions.
fuck off with calling out hon players and trying to compare different games.
e: oh its you! nevermind the retard then :)
As I said up, the point was to irritate HoN players :D
yet HoN is still a better game?
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