BE EE Shoutcast

After the amazing game between Belgium and Estonia, I wanted to ask all my listeners to tell me what you thought went well or not during my shoutcast, suggestions and comments so I can keep on improving.
Thanks in advance

Your English was suprisingly good. Perhaps try to talk a bit faster and saying 'random' stuff inbetween when you got nothing to say like just read who killed who.
English being my second language, I often had breaks and forgot words, but I guess that'll be fixed with practice, and so does my speed :)
6 years late
Yo ;) Tou a tentar revivar aqui um bocado o ET :) Faço shoutcast em ingles, pa chamar mais gente.
Jogos tugas, faço ai um shoutcast em portugues so po pessoal mano
haha ee so bad lololololololololol, LOSERS ARE IN THE LOSERBRACKET FOR BIG LOSERS

e: did not listen.
sinnu mad
I was playing ranked :)
me, mana, crittie, spugedius, roki & nmkrj from finnish community form a LoL-team on west, I think we should play some gaming some day
We could do a custom game against eachother some time, we always try and play with 5 because its more fun and been playing some draft games lately =p
ye, that's what I ment! catch me at IRC some day when you're 5
Listened to a small part

+ decent english

- no rythm / too many blanks
- youre doin "too much" during important actions
- should record your cast (check out audacity for example) +upload

maybe more + / more - dont know Polandrafek was trolling my mind @ ts
no rythm / too many blanks
I noticed that myself, I guess it's fixeable with practice? :)

youre doin "too much" during important actions
Noticed as well, went side when action was on main etc.. Guess I have to start expecting where things will happen, also fixeable with practice i hope.

should record your cast (check out audacity for example) +upload
Will do from now on, I was told I was talking really low.

Thanks for the feedback mate.
i was myself playing LoL, i would have listen + watch the replay this week but apparently you didn't recorded it :<

Next time do it then i will tell you how interessting i found it :)
Poland Rafek: Trolling minds since 2008
true story, he told me if i dont show my pic its like when i watch & masturbate to porn
better than eujen's.
tosspot > all soz
bring more emotions to it :P
didn't hear but really? no chick?
i only listen to Eujen, sry
Next time speak a bit more fluent without pauses and try to make it more entertaining. It was kinda "boring".

But i enjoyed it Jorge, keep doing it!
Foi a minha segunda vez :) Nao consegui por musica nem nada, por isso foi um bocado secante :/~Isto com treino vai la ;) Começar a por mais entusiasmo nisto ^^
True, mas o que conta é a iniciativa e só por isso já vale a pena :P

Shoutcasts de uma pessoa só são sempre um bocado mais "chatos" a menos que saibas dinamizar bem o monologo!
Never listened to it but it's probably better than eujens.

e: not joking.
It's nice new people are doing the effort of shoutcasting! but...

You need to improve a lot
- record your shoutcasts and listen to them after the game so you can judge yourself
- watch a lot of matches or play some more officials so you'd know where to be on important moments in the game
- watch and listen to some shoutcasts from owzo or tosspot so you can see how they do it
- talk more. as a shoutcast you shouldn't just tell what happens but kind of bring the excitement to the listeners so you should be somewhat overreacting on things that happen in the game. put more emotion in to it!
- talk a little faster/more, doesn't matter if there's bullshit inbetween, it just keeps the rush of the game high :)
(- your voice was realy quiet, had to put my ingame sound very low to understand you)

No offense meant at all, just some healthy critisism so you could improve if u want :)
Great job doing this effort, respect!
Practise makes perfect ;)
No offense taken mate, that's exactly what I wanted. This was only my second shoutcast, and I'll keep on trying until it's perfect.
thanks for the feedback.
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