Mass Effect 3 journal

Since the game's been released (alas only on a torrent tracker near you for most Europeans) I thought it odd to there be like zero journals about it. That's probably because everyone who has it is busy playing, though.

Anyway, I gotta get ready for school so I'll keep it short: The game's really good, I think it's better than the second one at least. Probably on par with the first one, once you get used to the little quirky camera. The combat is still pretty much the same as in ME2. Liara's Singularity+Warp combo kills everything.

Oh, and then the only reason I made this journal: A question. You probably shouldn't read this unless you've already cleared the game to the point you get Tali'Zorah on your ship permanently.
Is it possible to save both the Quarians and the Geth? I figure I made a bad choice at some point (my hypothesis is that it was when I chose to side with the war-nut Quarian admiral instead of the pacifist one before the mission in the Geth server, when they were discussing what to do with their fleets), and of course don't have any saves to undo this. So I had to pass this awful crossroads of having to choose between two of my favourite characters, and rather understandably sided with mai waifu Tali.

Already logged in a good 17 hours on it, so would hate to start from scratch if I'm trying to go for the perfect run at first attempt. Which might be sort of too ambitious, though. Maybe I should just carry on with what I've got so far and worry about "saved everyone" -style completions on the second playthrough.

It saddens me so, having to sleep at some point, though. I guess I'll try to catch some naptime during classes today so I can postpone that until evening.
FUUUU Still downloading, gonna start it 2morro :D
red state was pretty sick but cool, also looking forward to alcatraz but need to finish game of thrones and tera nova first
game of thrones is epic

tera nova any good?
only watched the first 2 episodes but they are really good, but you have to like sci-fi, not everyone's kind ^^
Still gotta finish ME2 :S
I'm abit scared that this third installment is going to ruin the game for me. Loved the first one, also played alot of the second one, but I was rather dissapointed with the story and lack of freedom/choices you get in the second one compared the ME1. ME1 felt more like an actual open world (eventhough it wasnt).

Just feel like ME3 will be even more the same trend like ME2 was compared to ME1.
gonna buy it at friday
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