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So completed the game an hour ago, after playing it for 21 hours. Did all the sidequests that in any way influenced the main storyline, but I skipped the "Go play scanner minigames in some system without a Mass Relay" -quests that added nothing to the plot.

The game itself was great, I think. Probably the best one to be released this year. I was very content with the story while it was in progress. However, the ending was nothing like I expected (not gonna go into the actual story here, just pondering its characteristics sort of). I'm kind of disappointed how it left several questions unanswered.

I guess a "half-open ending" would best describe it, the sort that is very common in stories in my experience. My assumption is that they wanted to leave some things open for possible spin-offs, like comic books or novels or the sort. I don't think it's a good thing, but it didn't ruin the story for me, it just sort of made me grimace at the ending. There's a very important difference between the end of the story and the ending of a story here; I didn't like the ending, the particular method of ending the story, but I certainly liked the end.

My main issue really was just how they didn't explain the practicalities of the war at all. Like how life continued after the reapers were dealt with, how the hell were the turians and the asari etc going to get home from the Sol system after the mass relays were destroyed, or more importantly, did inter-system travel end completely after that. It's like they let you decide, but then the consequences of your decisions were extremely largely left to speculation (compare to DX:HR, where they let you decide and the ending scenes tell you what happens afterwards).

I guess the Stargazer scene implied the galaxy was thrown back a couple centuries in progress (or millenia, if we're talking about some of the older species in the story), like to the time the humans hadn't yet discovered the mass relays. On the other hand, that would make no sense whatsoever, since certainly knowledge of the past shouldn't just magically vanish. I'm not sure what to think at all.

Oh and goddamn that Normandy crash, with the door opening. I wouldn't be surprised if they made a spin-off or something based on that. Doesn't really bother me, but they could've just ended it in the ending scenes instead of stretching it to yet another story.

So I guess the style of the ending, a sort of open one, is what bothers me most about the game. I think stories with honest endings, ones that bring the story to an end that satisfies the reader and ends their craving for more, are the best ones. For me, this one wasn't really satisfying in that sense, but I can't really explain more into it without spoiling (which I did in the hidden paragraphs).
whats this journal about?
ponies and moe anime
didnt read because afraid of spoilers

can anyone confirm that there are no spoilers in this journal
There aren't any spoilers that would reveal plot points (I did write about the ending, but revealed no actual details)
now thats unexpected
Quote21 hours

i just love games that are made nowadays
Dunno, I get around that time in most story-driven RPGs, plus minus ten hours or so. I think it's a pretty good length, too. If it was much longer, it would often get quite boring or difficult to follow, and if it was shorter it would be too short.

Story-driven RPGs that take longer to finish usually have more redundancy in them: excessively long arcs that don't have anything to do with the main plot, more gameplay parts (in this case they would be the shooting parts, but you know, the time you spend killing stuff and running around in between places that advance the storyline) or some silly additions that tend to get your attention off the actual game, like certain kinds of minigames.

Think Final Fantasy, where you usually spend most of your time running on straight roads getting interrupted by random encounters that each take 1-5 minutes to complete. The actual stories in those games aren't much longer, just their completion times are because there's much more non-story stuff in it.

Personally I play story heavy games mostly for the story, so I'm not really bothered by this at all, but of course everyone has their own reasons and preferences, and thus migth like the Final Fantasy sort of games more. Completing this game took about as long as reading a book does, and I'm very fine with that.
Think final fantasy 1 :DDD

none of your characters even have lines <3
srsly, u think i will read it?:>
Assuming you don't have ADD, yeah.
if this was ESR i would plus u right now :-)
great thing is that if i play it 2 hours a day i can finish it in 10 days, fuck yeah long games ftw
lol man Im more hardcore than this i play like 18 hours per day computer games ;);) can finish this faster ;)
So I heard you didn't like the ending
QuoteProbably the best one to be released this year
Matter of taste, but for me it's a definite "no", even though i havn't started playing it. far bigger titles to be released this year (even SP: e.g. risen 2)
risen one was the unofficial gothic4 and a dismal disappointment.
what gives you the idea that risen2 will be able to remotely compete with anything?
not saying that they're competing (and well, it's not really gothic 4, but yea, very gothic like ("i wonder why^^") and imo it's been no disappointment. maybe a bit too buggy in the beginning, but afterwards it was actually a CHALLANGING game, just like gothic (if you didn't go for hit and run only). also i liked the story a lot, though two endings would have been nicer indeed.

PS: the real disappointment was gothic 4 :/
the game was the unofficial gothic4.
it was the exact same game studio that made gothic3 and who only lost the rights to the name in a fight with their publisher. hence the official gothic4 was made by another studio and was nothing like the originals.
i thought it wasnt open world enough (3 factions all of which require you to do very linear questing). mages were too weak. it took way too long to be able to accumulate loot (especially armor, none in the first 5-10hours) and many other things that i liked about the original and that i felt were missing in risen.
in fact it did flop sales wise.
with prianha bytes being let go by the publisher and risen1 not doing well i cant imagine where the money for a A level production should come from.
risen2 is their make or brake game and i fear it will be the last we ever see from them.
it brakes my heart to see the franchise go cause i still belive that gothic2 was one of the, if not the, best rpg ever made.

e: if you want a really enjoyable (but/because rather generic) RPG then check out kingdoms of amalur. 200+ hours of decent RPG fun with a solid story, good looking world, interesting weaponry and skill sets and a brand new lore that extends over thousands of years.
know the story about the publisher, and well, actually it wasn't easy as mage to do well, just steal some stuff for money and fighting with staff was fairly easy in the beginning imo :P

yep, you're right, it has been a flop sales wise, yet i think it was a decent game, flawed, but decent. (and the reason i didn't enjoy the actualy gothic 4 was for the very reasons, everything was so linear and the fighting was just too easy, only bashing buttons, no timing or ooponentselecting or aiming what so ever) i give you that, it wasn't as open as gothic 1-3 were, but still far more open than gothic 4

and true, really saddens me too to see them dying, gothic sure as hell was one of the best series ever created. still playing gothic 3 at times (with the community content it's actually a pretty decent game now)

saw a trailer for kingdom of amalur, didn't really like what i saw, when it comes to interfaces and the fighting system, seemed very much like fable 3, console style :(

it's likely to be no "awesome big sales title", sure, but yet i'm eager for a) the story and b) if they even now stick to the original conecpt or jump the wagon for generic noobish games any coma patient could play
i think ill buy it for the multi, can be fun huh D:
Durr, every time I'm almost done downloading the last 3 gigabytes from file hosting companies, the next link is dead.
You probably have no idea how well optimized the game is.( Cause you play on a decent setup anyways)

Mass Effect 1 ran quite decent on my laptop, mass effect 2 lagged like crazy.

Mass Effect 3 has FPS lag what so ever. It's amazing. When I use the elevator, for example, in Mass Effect 2 it took so long to load, but in ME3 it's so fast and almost no waiting time.

Got to give props for that for sure. I only have played like 3hours total, but I truly like the game and thus far it's been very decent for a game that is aimed at console fags.

I always try to read those tips during loading screens but after reading the first two words the game has already been loaded, even though I dont have that good pc :--)
That's really annoying. I still haven't figured out how to stop a Banshee in its tracks, because the tip goes by so fast.
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