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Happy Women's Day and the morning anyway. I do not think of anything good topic for today's morning journal to write about a text through google translate and a copy of the translated version directly. The French style, that is. If so you do so in the same manner.

What do you hustle, and what will you do today?

For me in front of a quiet day, evening, just nörtteilyä and sauna. So, Finland against England in the evening, it may be just even a good match.

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hi thomm homo, todays 8th march
good morning,
I'm tired and annoyed by the work. soon we go to mcdonalds, there are vouchers that means there is going to hell, but it's cheap. Then I have to work probably no more pleasurable.

only one day until the weekend, fuck yes!

Greetings to all of cross-fire.
I'm not sure if this is normal or translated into English in manuel-
could be the google translation from German to English is better than you think.
Good morning, today I'm planning to leave uni on my last year and start my own hot dog chain in my country. People who think that paying 1 euro for a hot dog + coke is cheaper than a home cooked meal in the financial crisis are gonna make me a millionaire.
Awesome :D Remember to pay your taxes or I am coming after you.
Goodday, today I go to go to to the uni for take a course of cinema. I have a mate who will attend the same course, this is going to be nice. Then when I'will be back at the house, I will play at the computer and then watch the match Finland versus UK,I don't have lot of money to bet but I will bet on UK. (I'm not quite sure I've understood the French style you wanted me to use :D)
Betting for UK? You so silly...
Quote Squall Thursday, 8th March 2012 01:31
If we win this, uk players should rly quit ET

He be trolling x)
he's not, but a terrible finland is still a good opponent for the other top teams out there
Watch lol, play lol, see mom, eat, smoke weed, play et, play lol
Go to uni, don't understand French lectures, go home, smoke, smoke, watch HIMYM, smoke, sleep, wake up, dinner, clean my place before gf arrives, smoke, sleep.
Hanging in the uni, going to the dorm after and just gonna chill and play some Mass Effect 3. I am trying to stop drinking till 31st March, so no plans for tonight. Might even go swimming I guess.

Eating healthy and stuff, but those foods are fucking expensive, at least the ones that taste good. ( broccoli isnt one of the good ones)
Back from uni.
I slept 3 hours last night so I'm so tired.. but tonight is the last day, for me, of the Brassicole at the ULB (Free University of Brussel) so well.. WE ARE FKING YOUNG MAN!
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