Chuck Norris bear morph

Wtf I think it's time to watch that movie:

Also he's able to stop chainsaws with his bare hands:

WTF is that shit seriously, anybody seen this yet? x)
Never seen gifs of those before
welcome to 1996
would be better if he stopped it with his BEAR hand
exactly my thought

we are mind brothers now
Nuked : ( what was there
made me smile :)
mana on 11/03/12, 13:23:36 PM | Report | Reply

Seriously, can you just gtfo?

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Chuck Norris is an asshole.
Chuck Norris is the reason expendables 2 is a 12A. Faggot.
Hm...JASON STATHAM? Guess it's worth watching then..
Last film I've seen him play in was Revolver
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