For those who didn't know.

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been around for a loooooong time, nor will I be around much the coming months/years.

The reason is that I became a dad. She was born extremely premature (25 weeks of pregnancy) but luckily she was strong enough and made it through remarkably well. Her name is Rena.

image: rena
o/ grats m8!
Good luck with your family!
gratz, you can be proud on your new family!:)
gratz & goodluck :)
gratz, now u can get married

pedo comments incoming
most of crossfire users are grown up these days :P
I want to believe :D
You must be joking :P
Congrats Ronner :)

Glad to hear everything's good and she's healthy. Congrats to you and Mrs. Ronner!
:) grats
gefeliciteerd !
grats, cute kid :)
when we gonna c some descendants from u ":D"
Ronner, mrs. Ronner and Rena. Don't tell me this is coincidence!
Ronny en Paula
Ronn en aula
Ron en ula
Ro en la
R en a

whaha heb je het echt op die manier gevonden? :D
haha, nee dat niet, maar we vonden em wel errug leuk toen we daar achter kwamen.
Now you've done it, whenever you're going to make your comeback it's going to be Ronny forever! :D
and what about 2nd if there is another one:

Paula en Ronny
Paul en onny
Pau en nny
Pa en ny
P en y

Congratz :)
awwww, congrats!
nice to hear :) good luck in life I suppose!
Nice one :) Enjoy the nights , this time was most hated for me ... but now shes going for 4th birthday.... god time is so fast :X
gefeli! :O)
congratulations :D wonder where "Rena" came from :D?! Nice name though :)
imma name my kid mAus
I think no woman will accept you as a father
that sentance is so wrong on numerous views XD
I think no woman will accept you as father of her child*

was in earlier
Paula came up with it. I think she saw the name in the credits of a movie somewhere when she was pregnant with her. When Rena was born she was 15 weeks too early and the coming weeks were a life/death situation for her (as with all extreme premature kids) and just a week after she was born we saw this boat on the news called "Rena" that was stranded in New Zealand. We had never heard of the name Rena and now a week after our kid is born and fighting for her life there a stranded boat called Rena.. pffff
hmm. not sure, could be.
she is utterly stunning! Can only wish you the best of luck and i will hound you on facebook anyway. x
congratz man
Congrats ronner, enjoy :)
Congrats Ron! :D
Cute kid, gratz Ronner :)
Happy for you she made it through okay!
She is so cute! Congrats :)
gongrats Ronner!! :)
same hair as her dad

gratz :P
Grats ronner :)
congrats man! :)
Congratulations mate!
6 months and a week is indeed extremely premature, luckily she made it through. This is what we call miracles of life.
Congrats for your little girl and have fun raising her :)
Awww she has my eyes! :)
image: if-you-know-what-i-mean

Grats, and have fun!
congratz ;)
gratz Ronner :)
Congrats :)

ive played with someone called rena in a team some years ago :>
great news, congrats! ;)
this calls for a toast 8]
<3 she's an angel :) Best wishes to your little princess and of course to your family :)
so you are not the only bald one in the family anymore :-)

Congrats and the best wishes of course!
gratz ron
congratulations m8 :)
so happy everything went fine!

congratz Ron !
Congratz, progayming school section would be proud to take her in few years.
gratz ronner!
Gefeliciteerd :)
she is very cute. you can be happy shes alright and dont have problems.
gratz :)
Well done.
This happened because you keep putting comdoms on your head

need kiewans.jpeg now
dont like her name sry, wont date her!
wow thats really premature.. I was born 10 weeks too early and it wasnt unlikely I would not turn out normal -- and if she was born 15 weeks too early and still made it shes a freakin strong kid! gz :)
QuoteI was born 10 weeks too early and it wasnt unlikely I would not turn out normal

That is a strange sentence. I guess you didn't turn out normal after all ;-)

Yah, we (she) got very very lucky. 24 weeks is the current lowest term whether they will actively try to keep her alive, so 25 weeks was close. She could've had all kinds of problems easily, such as bleeding of the brain, collapsed lungs, necrotising intestines, hearing or sight problems up until blindness etc.etc. I will not list them all, but trust me when I say the list is long and very disturbing. Luckily she had none. She pretty much passed this with flying colors so far. Pretty impressive thinking that she was only 800 grams at birth. :S
i wish u the best !!! good work man ;)
=( if she turns bald wont be funny anymore

get ur shotgun asap, in about 16years boys will be all over her

and ...congrats =D
Nice, gratz.

Soon time for me ! :P
Gratz, good luck with real life etc :)
gefeliciteerd ;)
Followed all of your posts on facebook =) But congrats anyway ;)
Congratulations Ron. I still expect a small appearance at the next lan event for a catch up. Glad to know all is well though@
If there is one, I may of course show up for a day or two.
gratz! & gl O:)
dus je vrouw is nu een milf? zwaar awesome!

gefeliciteerd :)
Congrats! u beast!
i wanna hit her :|
grats :)
Gefeliciteerd man!
Congrats :-)
gratz ronner she gonna be tha new mAus xD
she is very beautiful
Congrats man!
gratz gl irl!
NICE! Gefeliciteerd!!


welcome to the club :D
ronner gratz m8
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