Design away!


So, we're getting ready to move our Dutch datacentre and expand there, and are looking at making new labels for the servers in the UK and NL. I personally tried to make some and failed quite bad, I am not a designer!

These stickers are usual PC case sized squares and are 283x283 @ 300PPI

So here's where you come in (possibly), I tried twice and both in my own opinion look quite aweful, I mean ... just look at how bad they are:

image: sticker%20designs

The stickers should have the flag of the country they're located in, and an identifier. Like '1', '20', or as you can see at my bad examples ''. They should also include our logo which can be found here

Now we're not going to treat you like slaves, so! If you can do this, and your artwork is used in our datacentres we will give you a 16 slot match server for a year for the game of your choice. Sound fair?

Thanks <3
Your friends at YCN
I like first 1.
Sorry just broke my sarcasm detector, you're so mean!
Got one already, I REALLY like this:
image: ns-sticker
combine it with the background of the 2. , would be nice imo
dark, bright? any deadline?
Your call, asap
dunno if you read your PM's so:

image: 1
image: 2

pretty horrible >_>
/q Hybrid at #retro.eSports !

pro designer and in need of a gameserver!
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