Porn + Gaming = ?

pornsite brazzers to sponsor gamers...

this is not an amazingly surprising move after peta (people for ethical treament of animals) announced their move into porn late last year. sex sells but is this going a bit too far? :D
should sponsor rtcw & get them girls into:

image: Wolfenstein_Elite_Guard_by_temukense
you werent around in rtcw to witness the rtcw booth babes, sadly I think they are lost to the abyss that is the past.

ah no, still screen saver at rtcw files :D;1196
lol my old wallpaper :D
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Nice little screeny!!!!!


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lol was thinking the same ;o
gamers get to fuck pornstars? haha nerds finally losing their virginities, Finland olBaa and United Kingdom Gnome (Correction, Gnome losing his to ex ET player United Kingdom Kayleigh, good job son!) must be over the moon with this news :DDDDDDDD
QuoteThe PETA porn site, PETA.XXX, will feature plenty of celebrity skin, but according to Lindsay Rajt, PETA’s associate director of campaigns, the site will also show graphic images of animal abuse.
thought that was illegal in most countries ;)
but tbh, quite frankly i always thought PETA were overdoing it anyway. though from a marketing side this is on one hand a good move, on another hand a very weird one. either people will visit the site for porn and if only, notice the animal-abuse pics subconsciously , will be disgusted by it and never visit the site again or at worst like it (eww). certainly draws attention at first, but i doubt most people will care for the cause behind it some more.
This all started with some random guy in stream chat on Li Joe's stream jokingly telling him to call up brazzers for sponsorship. Now they actually responded and want to host a tourney and perhaps sponsor players. Hilarious :D
hallo wsk, wie gehts?
I'm good! how are you?
Awesome story :D i bet the upcoming events going to be success:D

The vid of EVO finals 2011 :
no more cash prizes @ LAN :o)
ohhh yeah !!!
That's a nice way to scare off other, bigger sponsors. And even though Mia Rose has become quite known for her stream, she is just a single person without official ties to the eSports industry and doesn't really try to combine porn with gaming, so that's a whole different story.
Porn + Gaming = Turkey RazZaH
I hope you read incontrol's tweets :-D also old post is old :-P
I opened a big door for regarding SPONSORS

now use it
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