A poll about unforgiven

what do you guys think about the afterlife of ibunforgiven? (he has murdered an innocent person, someone's child, someone's father, someone's husband, someone's brother, someone's uncle, someone's friend and someone's future grandfather)


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he's a convicted murderer, whome i believe wasnt punished severely enough
He needs to be locked up for a LONG, long time, and this is where hell comes in the picture

edit: he needs to hang his head in shame, this time he's gone too far..
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He took away his future..he was someone else his/her son, someones brother and someones friend and perhaps even lover. Perhaps he was a father? He is the person responsible for those little kids to no longer have a father in their life. Doesn't he feel bad? Because he should...he's a vile murderer. No guilt whatsoever, able to kill a human being without a blink of his eye? Man he is sick and should be hung, he should just kill himself to get rid of the karma. He stole someone else his life, the only appropriate thing he can do is take his own life because it's not worth jack shit anyways.. he is a 31 year old romanian freak.
There is only one.

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please be serious my finnish comrade
Only serious answers please, post a picture of heaven or hell:)
And please bear in mind that he is a MURDERER[/i][/u]
You can't draw a line like that + I won't even start to talk about religion and beliefs.

If you want to talk about good and evil, use this instead.

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I am the Joker.
what happened?
oh gabrielllllllll
no matter how high your skills in et will be,you will not learn about life by playing this game...

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Please remain serious and stick to the rules written above..either post a picture of heaven or a picture of hell like both me and AL1 did. I will link this journal to the Romanian government so we can get something going..

COPYRIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"saintt feeds mystic ammo packs at east, he gobbles it up and spits out allied bodies. The
overbearing thump of body shots pound continuously through my headset, head shots
sing like harpies: ting, ting, ting, another foe downed in three. their personality makes them memorable and
it's their alias which makes them unforgettable. Whisper “mystic” to the right person and
you'll get more than a smile in return..."

Fucking gaylord should burn for eternity.
*whispers* mystic
"Let me tell you something about “mystic” and the movie “parodia magnifica”.Hans
Zimmer vs. Lambretta (Loxodonte mix) opens up the movie and I can already feel the hairs
on my neck standing on end, my mouth is dry and I know something special is coming.
I'm on the edge about to be swallowed up by something utterly awesome"
"The movie concludes with mystic's frags and I begin to remember why and how I started
out in ET.. I look gingerly for demos, I already know the matches I'm looking for because
they're memories as real and vibrant as my first kiss, burnt into my conscious: parodia
versus u96d, the Eurocup' XI final."
Who are you?!
"My name is Ronald Schmidt ,i m 31 years old and today I will tell you about the way Wolfenstein Enemy Territory made a small difference in my life."
that being the begining of a presentation i made for a job at Apple Store,they told us to talk about anything,a hobby for example so i picked ET.And if u read it all u will understand ...or not :),anyway i admit ET,and not ET necessary but the people that i met here,changed something in me
Many of you people are more retarded than him, you just don't see it because you are all alike. fuck this
and why am i retarded man?give me one example of what i do similar to what a retard do?in fact,u use the word retard ,is really shame,because u disrespect the ppl that really are sick,and retarded.
so many commas
What.. the.. hell..
not guilty till proven guilty.
there is no afterlife bro

Unforgiven blindness is much worse than loss of physical sight, the blindness of heart. So many are heading for the flames blindly. He seeks to destroy the evidence of Hell, but he will learn the truth soon enough. Hell exists and Heaven exists. The Unfogiven sins of the flesh send more souls to hell.
i think i missed something
you christians heard about forgiveness. practise it and leave the convictioning to god.
:) good one,so everybody based on what this kiddo said,thinks i killed some1.

next time i pick my trolling victim on internet,i will say that i slept with alice cooper
does really no 1 realise this is a massive troll journal,a poor attemt of this kiddo to redempt himself after i mocked him with a joke ,he was in a serious conversation with me telling me about her girlfriend who got pregnant by him and she decided to loose the child,dont remember exactly how,but trust me,it was a joke,that he so nicely bought it,and unless criminals in romania have internet in prison i dont really know what we discuss here anymore :)
I really don't believe you are the murderer you say you are :/
u are his friend,go ahead and ask him :)
So tell me, what didn't happen then?
let me make it more simple:

me trolling super ,super got mad!

now u got it?
seems like your trolling efficiency is high :-D
hahha just wtf:d go back to your cell you murderer. Go kill some people u homow
u have now passed into the world of pathetic and ridiculous mad teens

i m not cold hearted so i m really sorry for the joke i made on you,if i had any ideea it will affect you so much i would not have done it.

please forgive me super!
very noob poll, i can not vote anywhere
serious answer for serious journal : go fuck yourself
so, what actually happened?
I think i dont even need to tell you my opinion.
I'll start a petition to kick him if he's going to bother us in Hell. I assume you're going to sign it.
if we meet in hell,i will have higher rank than you faggots anyway.so i guess ,payback time soon ,c u there!
I doubt that. Remember who ur messing with.
mate u are just a tool for him,in the end is people like me who makes him happy.u kiss his ass,i kinda defie him :))

I need some evidence....
there was a journal about a suicide here not a long ago... :o
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