ET FPS lag

so i have been having fps lags this week i cant seem to fix it so maybe there are someone that cud help me. i have the latest drivers for my gpu (AMD)

Specs for my laptop(Asus G73JH)

i7 720qm 1.6ghz
8gb ddr3 ram
HD 5870m

i think its a driver issue for the gpu because i had a pc with same problem and fixed it by installing an older version of nvidia drivers.

Thanks :$

image: paraguay5

EDIT: fixed by downloading amd drivers 8.95_12.3 from
Gaming on laptop doing it wrong
its a gaming laptop which may be more powerfull then most ppl's dekstop
pretty sure its better than mine ^^
XD ur pc is from d stone age? :P
image: 102459

sorta :D

125 unstable on ET
100 unstable on CoD4
+/- 30 on Tribes Ascend

:S must be fun to play like that
makes gaming less easy ;-D
Ik haal betere FPS op ET en cod4, maar zo rond de 15-20 @ tribes XD
Nja, speel op 800x600 resolutie nu he :p Als ik dat op CoD doe dan heb ik wel betere FPS maar speelt gewoon kut.
y u laff :{
i lauf on that pc pic :D
y u make phun of mah pc :{
> Having a PC dedicated just for gaming

I seriously hope you guys don't do this
gtfo, its better having a laptop

ET@desk, FM@sofa, umad?

Maybe this helps. I had similar issues with my Nvidia card (540m) and fixed it by turning off "Threaded Optimization" and switching to "Multi-Display" mode.
well that didnt help :x i did play with those settings b4 but thanks
1.6ghz, or?

Also, is it just with TZAC or PB or always?
its 1.6ghz then it auto overclocks with turbo boost.

i havent checked if it happens without tzac :x
Might be worth using pbprior - solved my tzac based lag issues.
mm ok. ill try that thanks
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where is the like button? :/ troll.
go to your driver settings and turn down the quality slider, Anti aliasing can be very heavy even for good GPU's + ET. Also if the quality slider is all the way to the max I think the drivers force limit your game to 30fps.. which is what I had on my mac mini when installing windooms.
Actually, When you buy a laptop, it's full a shit software. fucking bullshit. Format it for readl (no troll) and isntall just what you need. It will work fine :)
well im not an amature in these stuff, so obviously thats what i already did a long time ago :) but thanks
try ETUL to put every core!
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