eh? cf accs

Quote[17:41:24] (`craft) lookin for 5 years old or more account /q with prices

[15:45:25] (`craft) lookin for 4 years ++ account /q with prices

[15:30:04] (Hayes_) seeling CF account 3 years , pm for info (no red triangle) :D

[17:54:29] (jEkoo) Need CrossFire account (2 years at least) /q

seriously, wtffffffffff

Quote[17:54:52] (grzesiek_stylee) 120 zl
[17:54:53] (grzesiek_stylee) i masz 5 letnie
[17:55:26] (jEkoo) Jasne : DDDDDD Chyba musialbym byc jebanym geekiem komputerowym, zeby wydawac pieniazki na internetowe konto.

translation: ~30 euro, and u get 5 y old acc - i'm not geek, i wont pay for inet account :D

whats the deal to buy crossfire account? -_- too hard to click register and stuff faggots?
cheaters wanna act like they are someone else
ye but admins are online everyday and they can check ip/geo changes so whats the deal :D better spend money for alco and cigs i think
they might have another pc and stuff :p
is it true u ddosed some ec finnal and made snoop mad many many many many years ago?
Lol fucking nerd aware of nothing
is this a dream?!
my account is 5 years old, selling it for 100euros!

I promise I won't use my admin powers/friends to give me my account back!!
Thats fucking awesome - Mines gotta be worth more? :x
40€ for yours!
ill give you 10 euros
you could start selling inactive cf accs and make millions!

sell 10 000 accounts and receive 300 000e :oo
definitely a business opportunity!
then u could make ET alive with 100k prizepools 8)
Also should delete those guys with red triangle and Finlandblackwolf <--that guy because i wanna change my name to blackwolf:))))
An anonymous address to PayPal to, a head admin who can change the join date on accounts — now there's an idea! Who needs banner ads, clearly this is the way to monetize.
Mine is close to 5 years, maybe I can put my 5 year old ESL acc in the pot.

GL for craft selling his stolen account that was taken away from him few days ago.
dat pixel :)
some are actually buying tzac accs with id less than 1k at :D

ill search for the one i saw some time ago
e. seems like thats the one i found in the first place
my account id is 13 : 1000 euros !

can sell CB+CF+TZAC for 200 euro
forgot about that shit org :D CB+ESL+CF+GTV+TZAC for 250
Selling 6 years + >7000 hits account with tzac 109 number for 50euro
i'd sell mine in an instant for 100e
can sell CB+CF+TZAC+ESL

pm offers
selling ~5 years cf acc = 30euro, pmme!
3 and a half year old cf account
10 euro
Trading my account for hot pictures of Finlandmatias sister, fuuark
selling my account and crossfire-e-fame for 250 EUR pm
if you include ur wippiespace's ftp with fancy pictures am in!
:D:D:D lots of fun there
almost 4yo acc + 11k hits + awesomness included
=> Contact me on

+ than 300€ (to pay bitchez)

thanks in avance

btw whats the longest existing account at cf?
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