sunburn, what now?

Reporting in..
massive sunburn across my whole back and a little from my scalp.
Legs and outer side of my left arm.

Really looks like a proper sunborn for morons.

I'm also having a headache, any recommendations? :/
*Squeezing the wet towel around my head*

Last week -> outside everyday, sleeping uncomfortable and short

Last couple of days:
Monday -> Speed, MDMA, Drum`N`Bass - no sleep
Tuesday -> Got up at 9am and went for a trip into the sun/a lake. Fell asleep at 6pm approximately and woke up this morning with the terrible urge to kill myself.

Skin ain't aching only my head.
Be mature, I don't feel very well.


no srsly fettsalben gedoens sollte helfen
wish i could use nivea but no..too many parfumes x/
u might laugh but that is kinda bothering me .,|,,
im not laughing but that's just the way it is, doubt it's not gonna kick in right now but later on the risk is higher :F all you can do really is learn i guess
15°C in sun atm, no worries of sunburns
sunburn is not about the temperature
you can even get one on top of the himalaya or in the arctis
What you get for taking drugs
i dont have to deal with sunburns, im already brown LOEL
give me some color plx :D
even black people get sunbruns
put some curd on burnt skin

PS: you don't see any relation between feeling shit and taking mdma at all, do you?
Curd/Quark can be dangerous (bacterial infections etc)

It's not mental but physical. I'm just mega exhausted because of the overnight adventures and the sunburn right after. I'd be fine if it wasn't for the lake-trip yesterday - 2 lines of speed 1 small first line ever on MDMA, I can handle narcotics with ease.
Wait till your skin starts to detach and then rip it off : )=
oh god i love doing that :D
Once I was able to rip away a 3inch string from my arms.
good times xD
die in your sleep
Fulfill that urge boy, heaven awaits.
make sure you drink alot, get some after sun for you skin. Paracetamol/asperin all the way
drinking a lot already, I feel thirstier than usual anyway. Parkamed it is then later.
Thanks for educating me, one thing more i know now!
Visit a doctor ;)
only if it gets worse (:
Though I don't have an insurance right now so I could be screwed anyway.
It might not be anything special... visit a regular non private doctor, i guess it isn't that expensive :o
Having a headache after a sunburn is a normal symptom, i'm sure he might be able to give you something to help. Otherwise live with it, i had a strong sunburn 1.5 years ago and i survived :D
Quite the opposite, it's expensive :)
However.. Cheers for the uplift, feeling better already!
Well, learn to avoid it next time, as i did :DDD

I had such a sunburn, my skin is still permanently damaged, somehow like this: :X only the time will remove it ^^
as long as it actually goes away.. i was able to peel my whole left arm near the shoulder at least. skin i ripped out was as tough as nylon now i feel like a newborn xD
same happened to me, but after that those little marks showed up :c
Use some aloe vera gel or put some ice in the bath tub and soak for a while.
good song.
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