Gaming LCD monitor

About to order a new LCD monitor for gaming, 27" this time. Looked around the specs and different companies and noticed a company called Iiyama (

And now the big thing: THEIR MONITORS HAVE 1MS RESPONSE TIME AND 120Hz <- makes my penis pretty hard

I googled around a bit and by the looks of it, they have good reputation.
Anyone here can say anything about them?
Any other suggestions?
reviting tale , chap got the older version of it, still makes my penis hard every time i put my pc on.
got iiyama 2ms lcd, its nice no complains
Asus VG236HE
27" at 1920x1080, for a computer monitor? Might make your eyes bleed, unless you're really far from your monitor.
Only dumb people will buy such a things
How come you dont have one?
Because I'm smart
then you've been very good at hiding this from everyone else
why would anyone buy 27" monitor for gaming, simply stupid.. specially if u play FPS games with it
Hardly matters when a bot is playing the game for you, right?
i don't know about that, you should probably ask someone who uses bots, btw how is it to abuse admin on crossfire?
iiyama is a great brand, have used CRT's from them for years without ever having a problem :P
The amount of information on that site is overflowing.
Neverheard of iiyama. Looks like there are no shops selling products of them in Finland:P

Possible choices for gaming monitors:

BenQ XL2420T/TX
SyncMaster 2233RZ
Asus VG278H
Acer HN274
i have a iiyama b2475hds and its good :) ~ 200€

but your ~400€ for 120hz...
I dont really want to pay 400 bucks. I just pointed the link out, I am actually considering one that was 1ms 120Hz and around 200€.
so buy b2475hds !
Can you compare it to any other LCD? I have a Fujitsu 23" HD one right now and thinking how much better the b2475hds will be.
i don't know ur lcd fujitsu so i can't compare but i like a iiyama b2475hds good price, good featured
iyama 17inch 120hz crt <3
i have an iiyama CRT and its been good to me all these years
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