Sniper Elite V2

Been playing this all morning. Really decent game tbh! loads of different ways to attack; stealth, straight up attack or use explosives / boobytraps.

The sniper rifle kill / X-Ray of his body and the damage the bullet does on the guy whos head you've just blown open like a watermelon, is really satisfying :D

you can wound 1 guy in the leg then take loads out when his dumb friends come to rescue him :D

definately recommend you try it if you haven't already.
There is no Holland so can't play this stupid game ;(
That makes sense! no, i was wrong, it never...
Whahahahahahahaha Downloading the cracked version already! :$
QuoteReally decent

Can be bought via Steam?

I guess I buy it for summer holidays.
yeah, its on steam now i think matey :>
vids look awesome
it really is!

loved throwing down a dyna, then throwing a rock at the dyna to attract in nosey german soldiers then shooting the dyna :D

shooting their officer in the head then laying trip mines so the rest chase you into the building = great fun :D

a tank chasing you, getting onto higher ground then shooting the fueltank = shithot :D

so many good points about the game, even the thomson / mp40 are decent!
then u shjould try
sniper ghost warrior :D
fuck off seareal
Is it free ?
well, its on torrents for single player....
Playin at PS3, awsum love the bullet cams<3
i never thought to shoot their nades! brb.... :P
theres a mission where you want to infiltrate a tower to snipe a commander in the adjacent one..

slightly misjudged my vertical bullet trajectory on the last shot, bullet dipped..

xray of his nads exploding, semen spray!
no way? oh man..... im not there yet haha :D
looks pretty good, too bad my computer cant run it smoothly
I played the demo a couple of times and it's fun for about five minutes. I found the AI to be pretty crude, which is a shame since it should be the major selling point of such an FPS. Steal was pretty much non-existent when I played as it was impossible to remain undetected for the slightest period of time (e.g. whenever I stuck my head around the corner an enemy would spot me immediately from a couple of hundred yards away).
tbh, the AI is fine in the final version.... you shoot 1 of 2 guys from a bit away or with a silenced pistol, and he just either doesnt see it or looks around like a dummy till you reload :P i did want a good melee / knife attack though, and there ust wasnt one :(
hi kevlar
sup cool :)
I just finished the game, I really liked it, and it is one of the few games I've played from beginning to end. Tomorrow I'll start playing it again with a higher difficulty. The campaign was too short tho'.
But I really recommend it.
nice game any download link?
This is shit not a game -.- movement like in Tibia and closed environment, you can't even jump on the barrier o_O
there is a MP fix but none for the coop afaik :(
Testicle shots only
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