stuff that makes your rage in et.

we all know no one gives a fuck about LoL so lets turn this round to ET

-people staying out on full when they really shouldnt.
-not being able to hit someone makes me rage the most (shit aim)
-giving someone 3 headshots and they still kill me.

I actually give a fuck about LoL.
-.55 ers
- k3rv3r0s
players that have higher ego than their skill
the worst spawntime possible (happens quite often with krp)
players that waste their ammo to enemies that are rushing for short spawn
players that can shoot only while crouching
players that dont follow the calls in comms
and what would the worst possible spawn be?

+1 on crouching.
when enemy can rush for our long spawn and after that set up the normal defence, its almost impossible to break that kind of defence when two teams are equal skillwise

happens mostly on supply 1st stage and gr 1st stage, ive started to hate both maps because of that
That is the reason why I hate supply.

Bad spawntime on 1st stage makes me want to yell and I turn into hulk.
The spawntimes can be really annyoing, we had that two times yesterday.

There once was a discussion about "fixed" spawntimes for ET (like allies always spawn 8/28/58 on supply while axis always spawn 25/55) but it never got far. Afaik Meez was the one bringing that up like two years ago.
yep, i know :7
the game would not be situational and less skilled, realistically there is not such thing as a bad spawn, you just have to play differently to use it to your advantage - sometimes riskier yes, but no one should be full held at flag on supply if they come with the correct approach regarding a given spawn time differential, most teams try the same thing no matter what the spawn time differences are or +forward attack, when it doesnt work it isnt that they didnt have the correct approach, its a bad spawn.
feel free to tell me a stage and a spawn that is bad, I will see if their is an approach that can defeat this 'bad spawn'
gr tank attack

allies spawn 0/20/40
axis spawn 10/40

im not it cant be done, it just gives huge edge to axis when you have to wait 10 secs every third spawn and you have few good gaps to push otherwise
Quotegr tank attack

allies spawn 0/20/40
axis spawn 10/40

as with all 30 / 20 spawns on defence / axis there is always a sweet spawn for both just because it aligns itself at different parts of each other spawn as Im sure you know.

for this it would seem that the 0 spawn is the key one to stay alive and get some out full. 40 spawn could be seen as a setup spawn for this to either limit their chance of pushing out and spawn killing you or getting one or two on full so they are more defensive. the 20 spawn should be used as the more aggressive spawn and if things have gone to plan on the 0 spawn, maybe a couple are full. 20 seconds is plenty of time for an eng to push through main or side.

Now this doesnt take into account individual moments, as you know, a guy getting a 4man on the setup spawn of 40 would mean pretty much tank was in the allies hands. Same said that if axis got a 4man quickly on that spawn they would be all over the spawn the next because its their sweet spawn to spawnkill where as 20 and 40 are not.

I wouldnt be able to work this sort of stuff out ingame as Im just not 'with' ET, but I am sure this stuff is second nature to yourselves and the other top teams and players and I am also sure you have the more on the fly decisions better then what I listed above just due to ET experience.
fucking +1 on crouching
-people blocking spawn exit
-unhittable laggers
-getting killed 8 times in a row by pf/arty
-teammates that manage to misplant a dyna
-teammates that fail to revive in a clutch situation
-teammates that go for kill and not revive when revive is obviously the best option
-teammates that push me when trying to rnade
-teammates that walk infront of me
-teammates that walk over my landmines
-teammates that don't talk
-teammates that don't rush when it's called to rush
-players that get carried by teammates when they obviously suck
-goldrush tank that gets damaged straight after it got repaired
-getting full
-busted hackers that are still playing
-pauses and waittime between maps because of smokers

so much rage in this game
If any of this happens on LAN, see what happens!

you have to prone into it and you can easily pick it up
I sometimes can´t revive my teammate from some magical reason
sometimes it just cant....even when you prone...just wierd....near objectives...tank barriers
You need to look the weapon directly upwards to pick it.
-teammates that push me when trying to rnade

haha ^^
All the things that you do.

Man we should revoke your g5 status. You're on a knifes edge boy....
He has been holding g5 back for ages.
Absolutely Frop, absolutely.
cg_drawgun 0 -> jump to revive someone -> over shot it -> those awkward 3 seconds of spamming mouse 1 in hope before they get gibbed.

ticking a nade -> pause -> WHAT TICK WAS I ON ;___;

trying to pick up a gun next to the truck ;__;

LOL THAT ARTY ISNT NEAR ME -> random asshole arty hits me

people who are better than me at playing east on supply

people who can snipe well.

oh so much more
+1 one that drawgun point.
I recently put drawgun 1 for the syringe only. Now I'm always to far away :P
//---[ numbers ]-----------------------------------------------//

bind 1 "cg_drawgun 1;weaponbank 1; com_maxfps 125"
bind 2 "cg_drawgun 0;weaponbank 2; com_maxfps 125"
bind 3 "cg_drawgun 0;weaponbank 3; com_maxfps 125"
bind 4 "cg_drawgun 1;weaponbank 4; com_maxfps 125"
bind 5 "cg_drawgun 1;weaponbank 5; com_maxfps 125"
bind 6 "cg_drawgun 1;weaponbank 6; com_maxfps 125"
bind 7 "cg_drawgun 1;weaponbank 7; com_maxfps 125"
bind 8 "cg_drawgun 1;weaponbank 8; com_maxfps 125"
bind 9 "toggle cg_drawgun"
bind 0 loc_load
what is loc_load for?
selfbust :X

no Antman from made location override databases which is the yellow text in your fireteam, yours probably says F4 , E2 ect (map position) mine shows actually text like : Main entrace, CP
loc_load reloads all target_locations from a file named maps/(mapname)_loc_override.dat

all loc_ commands
Using it, helping a lot :)
got something similar, but in my case I have a variable for the drawgun part so I can easily toggle showing the gun for slot 2 and 3.
when someone pauses i just write down how many clicks i had :P
seriously? :D
thats so keen :D
looool yeah this! :XD
Unhit people
People/Opponents who play a retarded gamestlye (f.e. destroying CP all the time, doing random pushes even if they get full, not selfkilling, having a MG during the whole map or worse, a flamethrower)
People who start insulting you from the moment you connect to the server
People who want to play retarded maps
flamthrower is the best troll weapon in ET! (depends on the map though)
Even if they dont kill you, it just annoys me.
people saying on cf they raped pharaons easily while they actually don't :P

ingame : people planting landmines on public :))
ingame : people planting landmines on public :))

image: I-Know-that-Feel-bro-gerringer
playin with testi :S
noobs who dont revive and staying next to u
when i want to throw my strike, i get killed before
if testi flames me ingame that i am bad
if testi flames at all
if testi has full
if testi doesnt know the spawntime
if testi fails with the panzer
if i see testi at lan
if testi is having 999 when it already says "prepare to fight"
thats denton his list:(
"if testi has full" - nice raging every 30 seconds :P
playing with fumble
Returning to ET after a break and aiming worse than before (and that was pretty bad :D)
Getting full all game cause my brain and et fail
Players that used to be shit being a lot better than me lol
People whining on coms when playing.
People who claim to be someone else, aapje "im aza" or kALLI "aYhity? Who?".
or people who take 'aapje' way too serious.
-teammates that push me when trying to rnade
-teammates that walk infront of me when i want to shoot my rnade
-teammates that walk over my landmines
-teammates that waste bullets just before the respawn of the opponents
people not moving on respawn
people falling back into spawn and blocking the respawning teammates
people strafing in front of each other in a 3on1 situation so you cant use crossfire
people not pushing but waiting somewhere safe where its easier to gain damage
people that push me into a wall and then complain that I block
people in general.
Quotepeople not moving on respawn
this ^^
indeed, should add that to the list ;)
allies 2nd spawn @ supply,

you jump that ledge from spawn near cave entrance and some mothefucker blocks you in mid air and you fall down.
hahah that one makes me rage hard
-ppl that get full on supply last stage by a spawnkill nade
- ppl who block me when when respawn on supply last stage and then i die from a spawnkill nade
- ppl asking "whats the spawntime " when the map is almost over
Players who speak french (and thye writte liek zis in french becos thay dont eavenin now there own syntax) in the main chat on pub.
so much 9gag in that picture
Surprise from unforgiven
oh you what about my comment
oh men oh men
-When i fail to pick somebody during a bigger fight (im most likely gonna fail the 2nd time if im being shot)
-People camping at ridiculous places after everybody else selfkills
-Random nade falling from the sky and getting u full
-Teams players getting full by the rifle who is shooting at the same spot every spawn (mainly mixes only)
-Medics incapable of following the engy to the obj (e.g grush 1st stage getting tank, mixes only)
-Players whining to others over the most little things (mixes only)
-Players who go solo getting stupid fulls and going for frags and not the obj (mixes only)
-When somebodys behind a obstacle and all u see is head and yet u shoot bodyshots while he kills u with 3-4 hs
-Crouch hitboxes when coming from sideway towards the enemy
Quote-Players whining to others over the most little things (mixes only)

I dunno what kind of mixes you playing or with who. I guess with seareal & co

I never had anyone whining to other player in same team in mix in my 7(?)years of ET
Yea it is rare, but happens tho. Happened when somebody got a merc and there were 2 guys who didnt like each other. Happened 2 or 3 times, and no, never played with cereal
skillfakers at Irc
no/bad comms
wrong self :D
People who cant outaim anyone and still doesent teamplay
Teammates who gets retarded fullspawns multiple times in single game
Super big ego 3v3 only players
Horrible spawntime specially on supply 1st stage when allies(what Sample said)
People who taps out when they should not.
people who say cancer every 10 seconds
- people who votekick if someone else is better than them
- people who spam Hello or Great shot when they kill you
- if a random riflenade hits someone but doesnt kill :/
- people who block axis window up on 1st spawn supply

Really grinds my gears..
disable voice chats.
doesnt change the fact that they have a too high ego..
Quotepeople who spam Hello or Great shot when they kill you

I really enjoy doing that, especially to wannabe deli-only players. It's so funny to literally feel their rage emerging from one kill to another, cause they get so mad at it. After killing them like 3 or 4 times in a row most of them whine & ragequit afterwards, thats probably the thing which amuses me the most. :'D
ich hab bisher immer lässig reagiert, lahq wohl an meinem kühlen karakter..
Charakter wenn dann bitte. ;) Ich mach das ja auch net bei korrekten Leuten :)
-polish ppl writing in polish at Mainchat when no1 understand them, and they keep writing anyways
-When i pick up guns and there is no ammo in them!!
-when u hit 2headshots and then miss everything after that and die
-Polish pople in general
-Fintards writing 6-1
-People running around at warmup healing and you try to shoot them but miss like fuck
maus cares about LoL, and maus is ET.

You do the math.
-3vs3/2vs2 only who still think theyare good
when i see my crosshair is at their head but still only bodyshots.
need to stand right above a weapon to pick it up.
people making retard disicions ingame, like going for the 2man kill instead of gibbing eng.
when im at the end of my desk with my mouse (wtb 20meter desk)
3hs but still not dieng, for some reason always happens to same people in 1 match.
reviving medic, getting killed and medics gos ego and dont revive...
knowing you can kill but have to tap for obj
"-giving someone 3 headshots and they still kill me."

Why would that make you mad? You did a nice shot and she was just lucky/better. Not that hard to accept that.

What is more annoying these days:
1) waiting for somebody to ready up, random afk during matches.

2) Hate when I see top et players spawning on wrong spawnpoint. example: goldrush allies first stage spawnpoint 3, or radar last stage allies spawnpoint 4 when you come from bunker (hello reload)

3) Statplayers. Somebody who has mostly useless frags killing enemy before spawn just to make the stat better and camping when the right time comes but deciding not move cause risky.

btw good journal
- the way ET is played at the moment

Think ill leave it on to that, too much to go otherwise.
anyone ever had that your air strike disappear without any reason?
no, must be gay
griim claiming he's straight on comms.
dave so hetero
people autopushing in a duel
supply allies spawntime
medics who don't follow me
myself... coz i fuck up a lot :_D

Edit: more serious the only thing that pisses me off is shit players who are unhittable as fuck and arrogant as fuck thinking they are good when they absolutely terrible because all they have going for them is their shit connection and hitboxes. SO MAD.
Can't recall feeling rage ingame in the past few years, maybe I would if someone cheated in my Serious Business Game or otherwise ruined it (except if it's funny). Annoyed by spawntime randomness, bugs
People who are braindead rambos but think they good
playing with Gnome, Pigeon and stKz (all stupid shit players)
Being the best player in ET
Afkers, people who dont revive, bad field opses.
-People with big egos
-unfriendly people at irc
TZAC2 fps drops
nonix, humm3l, cheaters, polaks spamming ":XD" kurwa smileys
Playing shit teams on ET except Finland KRP owners! Best team to prac against 2012!
stuff that makes your rage in et:



to be continued

when i get mad i just get to listen to the blues:
you're a fucking moron

e: added to most hated list, wonderful :D

I think he should be banned for ever for being such a moron.
morons dont get banned here, people who oppose morons do :(
Look again :-)
some do, apparently
i think your father should have used a condom.
You should've used a condom.
u want to start this all over again? cause u know i dont need much more to fire up your lame ass emo face.
And your family shouldn't reproduce at all.
i add u to the list
Oh noes, I am added to some random list by some random retarded person.
don t worry.the list is not for for know next time when i meet u ,i m checking the list and i ignore u
U should really get yourself a spellcheck.
oh noez, ignoring is the worst thing u can do!
oo really?gosh,i had no ideea.thanks
Look again :-)
Thanks, made my day.
I pity everyone who has to handle you in his/her life, especially your family.
i pity your mother.
Didn't think you played ET brah?!
interesting question i got:if i m the retard,how come all the "genius" people on cf feels like replying to everything i say?if i would see a retard guy,i m sure i would not go to talk with him.interesting question,hmmm?

reported olga comment,seanza do your job and delete it
Unlike you, I don't discriminate against retards. I like to offer them the same amount of attention as I do with regular people.
ignoring=discriminate for you?great logic,tell me more.i need to understand how your brain works.oo wait...

e:i think totally different least in my case.i think you are replying to me cause deep deep deep down your soul u know i m right. much security u got for your lan,u able to handle 5 cars carrying aprox 40 ppl armed with knifes,axes,and possible fire arms?
define 'discriminate' then disrespectful piece of shit.

e: btw, it's truly an act of maturity and grown-up behavior to threaten people like you do. People like you start wars, which we have to finish.
hahahaha lmfao I doubt you can even get 1 car filled, let alone 5..unless you get your roommates from the mentally challenged house to go along with you on a trip to the Netherlands...

LOL oh man made me smile
QuoteNever argue with stupid people, they will drag you own to their level and then beat you with experience

note: this is not arguing
this is just so true xD
nice profile bro !
nice profile bro !
You seriously are retarded...
When pushing out to selfkill, lagging out/getting fps drops causing you to get full and look like a tard. so mad
Idiots who go cap the flag and do the objective during warmup, while you're setting stuff up/testing etc.
sniper script
teammates in general annoy me more than enemies.
Sniper script. There is no such thing on ET 2.60b
I call sniper script as often as I call cheater :DD
I guess you can say good snipers make me rage then :>
:o I never get mad :x but kinda annoyed by too many ego-actions and constant whine; oppo's playing the same 3 maps on and on or teamm8s who don't talk at all+very serious gaymers
tired miNd
miNd that has slept too much
olba + facebook
hitting pixels with rg
my aim
mana saying he goes to play LoL instead of ET
people going brb just before the last round
ensam being the slowest smoker in ET's history
kapa playing stupid classes 24/7
people incapable of tagging
Sample having an argument on comms with someone about something that happened on the earlier round
- faggots who cant rup
- faggots who need 15 minutes to connect to the server
being fucking bad (most of the time)
random spawntimes
matches taking ages to start
pauses for no good reason
people not giving comms (in "serious" games)
people not listening to comms
people blocking the spawn while we're supposed to rush
teammates not following tactics
teammates not following comms
teammates leading game when they are not supposed to do so
teammates taking classes that they are not supposed to take
Iron killing teammates with rifle, because he's the slowest player in ET.
Salaneuvos taking fullspawns and having mic muted on ts.
twidi switching weapons when he just got revived next to tank in gr
olbaa idling in spawn or not giving comms

ye thats pretty much it.. fin6
I want my money back.
:D well we can still improve a lot!
So u are going to pay/help them paying the entrance fee?
Everything has already been arranged.
Ah, nice to hear this community has members that are ready to help!
-aborting can't see target
-too many airstrikes requested because a mongol teammate switched to fops while he shouldn't have or stayed fops too long. ESPECIALLY when you're about to fucking rape the opponent with that strike !
living in australia
I hate that you live in Australia aswell, :{D
- players who are braindead
- players that are slow at strafing
- players that get full because they didn't selfkill
- players who don't talk on comms

- shitty strafing compared to rtcw :<
feeders & flamers
ppl playing too smart

(homos camping, playing their lifes)
people pushing when they shouldnt
people waiting 25 secs in their spawn
polish people
people who can't rup
people who takes 15mins to connect
retarded random spawntimes (happens a lot recently)
people who have a mic and dont give calls
people blocking you for some trickjumps
xperia playing rifle
people who can't shoot without crouching, such fuckers (hi phyzic)
and probably the worst, pauses

pauses should be removed from the game except in top games when there is a referee etc because seriously pausing in a random 3v3/6v6 even if its my own team, makes me rage so much I'd punch his face if it was on lan

badass here yep
chill out m8 umad
always mad :s
- fulls
- teamkilling
- nerds
People that play supply only 24/7
People that overrate themselves terribly
Getting 2hs on someone then dying
Faggots camping/proning in the most random spots
Faggots pushing out and not self killing when you're expecting them to so you end up dying to them
Pausing when map is already over/no mathematical chance of winning
Smokers that take 10 minutes to rup
Trying to pick up a gun in the Adler controls
People disconnecting when you play their shitty supply and you vote a decent map like Erdenberg etc
PEOPLE NOT DRIVING THE BLOODY TRUCK/TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
Other than that... everything! (Gungy said I was born mad, so it's not really my fault.)
it's a girl's job ;x
the engagement is off!!!!
:o? uhm, I cancelled it last year already, I wasn't joking there..
no you didn't, you're just saying this so it looks like you ended it BUT YOU DIDN'T! ... you know :D
you know :D noone will read this now anyways, no need to start lying, carla!
ppl camping in attack, not being agressive at last seconds before we are spawning.

shit player like fuchs camping behind every corner, thinking he is skilled :D
- Azatej quit playing ET.

Good night, sweet prince.
People who say they shot 3 headshots when their stats only show 2.
this happens a lot. people just cannot count hs
i laughed a lot in this journal, thought i was the only one 'raging' for this kind of stuff :p
THE FUCKIN PUSHSCRIPT was already written?
normal pause/afk/connecting late/smiley poltard spams

other than that i mostly rage of myself or my connection
I mostly hate how unstable my skill is in ET, can do shit a lot of times :D
And I don't care much about ego and shit, so if they whine just bad losers idc.

I hate when teammates don't focus on objective, play defensive when suppose to attack and brag about damage.

I have meet a lot of people that will brag about him getting dmg but still losing a war 4-0
fizz who fail with selfkill like 5times per match
ercan not using his brain
teammates pushing me when i want to shot a rnade
teammates blocking me
not following tax and comms
playing against xperia in 3o3
bltzz whining 24/7 ingame
fuchs rambo shit in 3o3
teammates pushing on full spawn
busted hackers still playing this game...
tzac2 sucks
cant pick up a weapon for some reason
teammates that manage to misplant a dyna
nobody driving tank on grush
medics leaving the engis to get dmg
u cant find a war after 23cet
seareal and his crew/!\
unable to join game when on gametv
ctrl+f = mind

lets see
ohurcool's existence
embarrassed's SHIT REVIVES
infi's magical airstrikes
people who push out after spawntime
people without forcetapout
people who cannot into engineering
whiners about a ping higher than 48 but lower than 110
people who dont gib
useless panzers on enemy team
horribly planted landmines
when you cant pick up a gun
rnade bug
United States of America ipod pauses

basically this whole game
are u talking about yourself?
teammates that won't play more mixes when i'm on fire
teammates that wasting their ammo to enemies that are rushing for short spawn
teammates that don't use stamina & blocking spawn exit
teammates that walk infront of me
teammates that camp for dmg and are scaried for open duel
teammates that get full because they didn't selfkill
teammates that manage to misplant a dyna
teammates that fail to revive
teammates that don't talk info on ts
teammates that don't rush when it's called to rush
players spamming shits on chat about their lifes that i dont care
players that thinking they're med+ but in real just carried by teammates (hi stRay)
ex-cheaters/cheaters still using hacks
pauses and wasting time between maps because of smokers, pizza delivers,eating drinking
u cant find a war in a long time
players that nerd lot of time and still playing like shit (Nike)
players that cant hit nobody and blame warps, inet, hitboxes (Freze)
retards like Speedybozar
2hs on someone then he runaway to heal or kill me
teams dont want to play with you cause they dont know you
new tzac guid = he must cheating
Me being bad.
i get annoyed when the opponent does mistakes
i also get annoyed by just generally dumb people
people who "succeed" in the game yet suck in it annoy me
overrating my team or opponents annoy me, especially the latter
people who vote f1 to any kick vote, except the votes of mine, annoy me
cheaters annoy me too
i get annoyed when my team can't count to three
i get annoyed when there's a minute gone and they don't have spawntime yet

i never rage but sometimes i get annoyed
tzac 2.0 coz it definitely killed my e-career
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