ET co-caster.

Herrow Crossfire.

Just wondering if anyone would like to join me on a ET cast coming up soon, id rather have someone nice n up to date with ET to be able to help me through this :P.

As long as you have a good mic and a none monotone voice that will make me want to rub sand paper on my eyes im more than happy to give it a go.

If youv casted before itll be a big help :)

Be avi next week.
reply here or pm either way.

random video, that you should be able to sing.
rubbing sand paper on your eyes is not a solution!!

gl tho.
May the luck be with you!
Quotenone monotone voice

thought the same :(
Hope u find somebody!
theres that legend called

I have a polytone voice is that k?
good luck
Pansy + Owzo + TosspoT = Eargasm
there would be so much sexual tension between all of us i doubt we would be able to contain ourself
Quotethat will make me want to rub sand paper on my eyes
Quotethat will make me want to rub
its getting hot in herre
herrow pansyhoney
Here's my try out, don't be too harsh guys...
owzo, tosspot, hste?
jew nose can't into casting :(
Gingers cannot into casting :S
ginger? :s my life is a lie

no hes not a ginger
Looked like on webcam, he pretends different, don't listen to him!!
no but i have his facebook :s unless its a fake

omg its a fake
Must be!! Shopped :S
It took me until today to realize that ginger is an anagram of nigger.
Herrow, dis is dog!
take icecube, pro caster and my fanboy
I wish I was good at that.

E: Can sing Dangerzone, though.
Me, I am pro!
image: 2ajrytx
image: qzgpsg
image: 25fnamo
image: iei6tw

don't forget next time! ;<
ill do it! i even have beer and stuff :)
read your message, dont see why not. Next week at some point ill give you a time / date etc
cool, looking forward to it, if you could give as much notice as possible for so I can schedule my work and alcoholism and also get some research in :) if your around at some point it would be cool to grab some tips off you and get a vibe as to how you run your operation so to speak.
you no msg me makes me a sad panda :(
ive not been around, mostly been doing cod4. If there isnt a cod4 game monday/tuesday im there.

with yourself i hope
cool cool im only messing ya, i suspected as much. would be fun though to give it a try. you going to lan?
<----!!!! <3 :D
GET IN MY LIFE. you about next week at all? I know there are afew others wanting to cast with me and im going to give them a try but there should be room for us <3
haha <3 iam always nervous when i talk infront of ppl :( and i wont be as good as my legendary cod4 casts 5years ago :P
you will be great dont worry.
iam probably too afraid to talk anyway :P
i'd go for woony nice guy and enjoyable voice!
United Kingdom TosspoT owns you to join up big time for all those viewers!
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