New to Enemy Territory

Hello people on crossfire people!

I'm NetherlandsJos and I got here through the stream of QuadV. I have been gaming casual for sometime now ( mostly CoD4 pub ) and I saw this awesome stream, it was entertaining the shoutcast was exciting and the gameplay looked cool, the gfx are a bit shitty but let's be honest who cares if it's a great game (secretly enjoying tetris!) I was peaking around this site last night( the flags are awesome!) and decided to give it ago!

I need some help of you now where do I download the newest version with the maps( asuming there a lot of maps like in cod?) also I read a bit about tzac? would be cool if someone could help me with that as well since I have no clue how it works apart from being an anti cheat?

Also this the guy shoutcasting , tospot I belive told me this was a competive game? How does that go exactly? Looking forward to play with you guys some time!

All tips and tricks are welcome, is there a ET guide ??

ps. admins if this is not the right place to post it please move it!
Welcome Josh, nice to see another UK brah seems you got the flags confused. = et ultimate installer, comes with latest maps and even includes a config.

tzac, just register and download from run tzac and login, once youve logged in start ET. It's required to play in leagues and alot of publics also require tzac.

As for a guide, I suggest you take a look at Finland BossHK's ET tutorial pack, alot of useful info there for beginners to the competitive scene in text and video format.
I was playing around with it United KingdomJosh, Netherlands Jos. I'm dutch ;)

such a thing would actually be quite handy to have as i often give some basic instructions to NQ players. have any links that are not dead (RIP megaupload)?
I'm too lazy to find you links to guides or anything like that

Nice to see new faces and im sure there will be usefull shit posted into your journal. Keep refreshing and welcome
Thanks for the welcome Niki0o

there is a reply button
How come you first replied correctly to My FaceWhen then failed it with Niki0o? :D
because he's dutch and thus retarded
Hi welcome here and in ET world.

Basically there are 3 most played mod of this game : Etpro, Noquarter and Jaymod.
The first one (which is the one played of the most of this community ) is the competitive one...that means a lot of thing from respawn time, less bullets in weapon slow recharge and also gaming one like different hit boxes..
And basically there stard map played (if u google ET ultimate istaller you can find that site "kashui" smth that can allow you to download the full patched gamewith most common and official map.).

As i said, you can find two kind of game...competitive and pib you can find just random match..peoples going every way..spam teamkill and shit like competitive one what matter is skill ofc, but with specific rules what matter is the teamplay; is used to be stopwatch mode (instead of pub campaing) dat means for example if my team and your team are fighting: we play same map 2 times ..first one we attack and you defend...and we try to set time(if we can)..second times we will defend and you attack...and you have to try to beat the time and go on..

Anyway, to start playing in Etpro servers (war or pub whatever) you may need to download tzac anticheat ...

Hope to had said all...any problem just send me a private msg !

Welcome again ;)
Basically there are 3 most played mod of this game : Etpro, Noquarter and Jaymod

What about etjump :< ?
only for fags. real men jump on local etpro servers with cw config
+1 i dont respect "the trickjumpers" very much
but sqzz, he is sick man. doing amazing tricks in competitive games.
mikä pomppimisessa on vikana :(

tai no joo onhan se turhaa paskaa sun muuta mut vaihtelu virkistää :p
Thanks NoCS
I got ET guys I'm on F|A #2 XPSAVE FOREVER , let's play some time
when u will learn how to play and whats going on, use etpro only filter in server browser :) jaymod and nq servers r full of brainless cheaters and campers :)
so are the etpro ones: P
I've been playing this game quite some time and still shit, hope this won't happen to you.

gl and hf
hi photosynthesis, how are you?
Welcome to ET! I'm too tired to give any advice and shit, but enjoy your stay -- it's a great game.
No worries I was tired aswell and went to sleep.

MyFaceWhen already gave the link to that ultimate installer, it's handy to get everything you need installed. TZAC is only required on a small part of servers (match servers and some publics). You should start from regular etpro publics with PunkBuster on as the skill level on TZAC servers is most likely too high for anyone who is new to ET. Reading some guides will most likely help your journey in the beginning as there's a lot to learn about ET. Unfortunately I haven't read any of the guides myself so I can't really recommend any of them.

What comes to competitive play.. there would be so much to write, but shortly said competitive ET is mainly played in 6on6 format with stopwatch mode. Stopwatch means that the attacking team has to set a time and then defend the time they set in order to win the map. To set a time you have to complete all the objectives in the map which can be for example capturing a flag, blowing up a gate or stealing a document. You need different classes to complete the objectives and have to work as a team.

Like I said there's a lot to learn about ET and it's not a very easy game to get into, but once you've gotten into it, there's no going back!
awesome! thanks alot.
welcome :)
You will find that this is ET's largest and most active community site.
You will also notice that it helps a lot to hang out on IRC.
Get mIRC client here
or use a webchat. you will want to connect to the "quakenet" servers.
A good channel to start with is #crossfire. You can find wars in and so on. Also worth checking out are #et.merc and #et.gather
will try this in the upcoming days when I have some more time
As a beginner, this probably is the easiest option for you
I have tears in my eyes.
need more guys like that :-)
remember to clean up your glasses :DD
okey sorry, wasnt even a good joke
i think i should break this chain before it starts.
i think i should break this chain before it starts.
i think i should break this chain before it starts.
hähä, he is prolly a troll anyway!
Wed 00:00 time to meet up to play D3
net echt

as been said before, ET Ultimate Installer is a nice and easy way to get ET running:

As for TZAC: (TZAC v2.0 was released couple of days ago, I haven't updated it yet)

About some guides for ET:

ET Tutorial Pack:
Overall ET guide, includes public mods, competing at public mods(little bit outdated, nowdays there is also Trackbase which is used mostly for rating and TSP(TrackbaseSkillPoints), read more here: and also competitive ET(played at etpro).
My personal thoughs as a maker is that its not that good. Well, you get the information yes, but the config is imo too dark + shitty for a tutorial video + my english wasn't that good etc. Also as you might know, MegaUpload is down so you need to watch it via Youtube.

ET Aiming Tutorial:
It goes through
-Hardware (PC, monitor, mouse, mousebad, keyboard, headset)
-Configuring hardware
-In-game things (aiming techniques, how to practise effectively, some config settings, secret pro tips)
-Extras to learn more

One more time, welcome!
ET Aiming Tutorial:



I guess you got my point there.
whyuysomad <--- my LoL nick at EUWest

I guess you got my point there.
Great, cheers!
nice to see new faces :) crossfire community is the nicest community you can find. And ET is the best fps-game ever. Hope you enjoy & stay.
Quoteps. admins if this is not the right place to post it please move it!

ur not new :DDDDDDDDDDDDD i can c ur ass got fropd befo!
No, its the normal shit everywhere, actually ive never seen that the post has been moved here in crossfire
Welcome to year 2003.
y0 welcome !
welcome, frand.
Nice to see new faces and welcome
WTF crossfire?! I can't believe you're all falling for this :/
how the hell you can be so skeptic? i think his reasons are quite logical, watched the stream on QuadV, got impressed and give it a try.
Quote by Samplehow the hell you can be so skeptic?

This is the internet :)

Quote by Samplei think his reasons are quite logical, […]

That's what makes him so dangerous!!1 Trust noone!
:D is it you, kamz?!
somebody that's new to et, well that's new
awesome stuff sir, hope someone can help you out here and welcome to crossfire & ET <3
twitter spammer!
Welcome in here dear sir :) Enjoy your stay and don't forget to idle on #crossfire!!
Good day to you sir.

Only things I can think about is if you use IRC connect to quakenet and good chans would be. #crossfire and the best chan on quakenet #the.cube
Welcome back to ET twisboo :D???????????
et is the best game ever.
you found it gratz!
although the community is full of lets call them "special" people =DDDD
nah just joking et & cf are awesome, one time you were in it theres no getting out anymore!
i dont play games at all anymore, although i still check out cf atleast once a week
Welcome, feel free to pm me with anything I can probably help you out. Your post is in the right place btw, it's fine to post it as journal.

When I have more time I will try to pick you up and teach you some basics.

btw for the guys doubting, no proxy/only 1 account on the IP.
welcome and prepare to get flamed
Join @quakenet
Our european community will help you with basic stuff or professional if you want.
We have cf admins, esl admins, cb admins, DUTCH guys, United KingdomJoe and even shoutcasters. I'm sure we could answer all your questions and you could even have the chance to play with some of us.

Enjoy your stay, ET is fucking best game ever don't try it or you'll become very addicted!
Holla :)
Wouldn't be suprised if this was some busted kiddo trying to get back into the game with a clean sheet.
Quotebtw for the guys doubting, no proxy/only 1 account on the IP.
Ow yeah like it's so hard to use internet elsewhere.
Welcome there, don't be discouraged by all the assholes around here and everything will be fine :)
I suggest you to visit this website where you can find skilled matches to watch live (or on replay) so you can be more accustomed with the competitive gameplay, the players, etc.
And +1 concerning the gfx, why bothering about 'em if you enjoy the gameplay...
Hello and Welcome to ET :)

I suggest you take a look at some fragmovies and replays (check so you get a feel for what 'ET' and 'ETPro' are like. Then try and play in a few scrims/mixes. Public servers in ET aren't normally that great although XP save can be fun at times.

ET can be complex to learn, so many classes and objective types, but its the best :p
Welcome to the competitive ET scene! It won't take too long to get in action!
Welcome, download teamspeak 3 and connect here:
and play some wars with us :) hf!
Dont u guys see its a troll ?
great to see somebody new interested!
nah veteran like me
trolled hard
Welcome, on this site we rate OC and at the end of the year the winner, which is decided by all the scores added up, gets a pot o' liquid gold.


ET is alive new players joining thanks to all spam what went out ( SPECIAL THANKS TO GOKU HERE WHO PUT UP A0 POSTER AT HIS HOUSE)

did you get that shit from that place?
Okay, who kidnapped the entire community and replaced them with aliens.

Welcome son. Enjoy your stay.

happend to me on first visits to crossfire xD

this community is indeed very special, but don't take anything too serious!

have fun in the game :) if you have any questions, feel free to post a journal or write pm's to ppl like simonkinsler, tosspot, etc.
its probably kamz
Welcome to ET Wer7ex !

I advise to start playing on ETpro.
If you need someone to teach you the maps, message me on xfire : lawicked
please teach me the maps, tesla ^___________^
I said to teach the objective of the maps, I did not say to teach how to play ET :p
not sure if I should feel offended :s but you can teach me whatever you want!
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