Saturdays Icehockey matches!

Norway and Latvia starting of today's show.

1. period down, the score is 1-0 Norway. I really hope Norway will win this!

Slovakia seems to be rolling over Belarus.

Predictions for these matches or the others played later today? They seem rather onesided though, Ger - DK could be a little exciting perhaps.

Other matches:

SUI - France
Ger - DK
Kaz - Canada
Italy - Sccchhhhweden

UPDATE: Norway leading 3-0 after 2. period!
Ger vs DK gonna be a tight match, 4:3 i hope for GER :)
Dk is alot better than I thought, I mean whatta hell are they doing in wintersports after all? :Sss
DEnmark must win against Nazi :(
no really good matches to watch. hope canada will lose. their stupid way of playing the game is just gross.
i guess u didnt like the 5-3 lost yesterday
well no. But i knew in some point, Canada will rush back.
Nice one Frogs! 4-2 win versus Switzerland!
kaz > can
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