Diablo III release

Will you play Diablo III ? And what class you guys starting with?

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No, I will not.
i will buy it tomorrow and i have no idea which classes exist
i will buy it . have no idea ab classes
im totally nub at diablo :)
Why will you buy it then?
i love the serie. :)

played d2 three times(3 chars) but never made it to an end.

on d3 , shit gonna change ":D"
Okay, thought you never played any of the games :P
Yes, class depends on mates (no WD for sure)
First game I preordered. Mostly to play with others, but the beta was fun on its own.
barbaryan (to steal all phat booty and sell on auction hause for REAL MONEY and make madefaces ofc)
FRENZY BARBARIAN if the class allows it and it will be something like D2.
I won't buy it or support it because it's a blatan ripoff of torchlight 2.
yep, will be streaming for about 12 hours straight at launch (tommorow at 00:00)

oh -> #d3.et :)
launch time should be 15th 07:00 ?
ehh no >_>

00:00 = install time? Which is 7 hours before launch time?

@edit: ah no I read it wrong.. 00:00 is launch time then.
As the item states, you can install the game 7 hours before opening. Opening is at 00:01
cant wait to have my monk @dodge build raping asses in pvp !
thought they said something about no pvp :P
at the beginnig ye
Depends on region, eu starts at 00.00 cet i think
ye true that.. I did a mistake there :S
thanks brah, im tryin
So we can watch you not being able to log in? :p
Yes, Mage
ofc I will. Monk ftw

I'm also in some awesome guilde already with some rly nice oldschool players (and fucking rich @jsp :D) but I guess I won't play 24/7 to inferno. I know that there are a few top players from jsp meeting and do a lan to get the first spot @lvl 60 so no chance anyway.
Yes Barb or Monk
post your battletags ffs !

yes, monk!
Since somehow my Diablo III got cancelled I wont be buying it :PPP
maan they lose so much now :PPP
Yes :PPPP 60 euros :PPPP
Yeah will pick it up on Tuesday morning!
I was planning on doing so and playing it with a few people. But I changed my mind, my thesis is more important. Doubt I will work alot if I get my hands on d3.

I wanted to play a monk though, was the most fun in open beta imo.
best soso on eu here calling it already
best soso on eu ? :D
yep thats me
Pic or never happend
I cant make a pic of the future :D|
Demon Hunter!
i tryed diablo II 2days ago for the 1st time and (haters inc) it was in my top ten of boring games i have ever played (played 4 hrs then i couldnt continue anymore) . so no i dont think i'm going to buy D3
The fact the game is 10 years old, I tried it also couple months ago again must say felt boring that time but was one of the most awesome game back then
good morning :)
guten tag! hows "working" going there :D
just a tiny bit busy, nothing major. but in a good mood so far, and how's yours? :P
just chilling, doing some archive stuff again so I have no rush anywhere :D
nah, just testing some stuff too, and working on a ticket or two, nothing big :P
what he said, it's been new and exciting back then, besides it's a multiplayer for a reason, it's been so good because it was a pretty hard game (gets harder per player in a game and towards the end of it too)
yea probably you're on right but i often play old games such as morrowind, dungeon siege I, Heroes of Might 3, dungeon keeper 1 and i still find them great games, but i couldnt play D2 because it was really too boring; Maybe i should give a try to d3 we'll see ;)
witch doctor(minion master) and barb(fury)
no thx, too many nerds talk about it
prolly gonna buy it and play as monk
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