win7 + tzac

just finished installing my old programs + diablo and i wanted to check if everything runs fine but when i want to connect to a tzac server,with tzac on ofc, it says that this server requires tzac authentification ....

Had windows Vista Ultimate and switched to win7 professional x64 due some issues with old o/s ...

any advices? ^^

e: latest version of tzac + both applications run as admin

e2: solved :)
k :D dunno went inactive before tzac2 came xd
lucky u :b
workin' for me, got w7 Pro x64
since it should work, I suggest to update win7
done that 20mins ago ://
Load ETPro from mod list before connecting or add '+set fs_game etpro' to the shortcut.
do i have to load mod every time now? :/
Just add the the command '+set fs_game etpro' to the shortcut of ET and it will be loaded automatically every time.

image: shortcut
no problem here with win 7 pro x64.
its working now :b
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