PC build suggestions!

i've no idea in the newest cards,chips,boards,coolers rams and shit, could any kind sir here make me a build for approx: 600-700EUR (not newest stuff obviously :x low on moneys cuz poor russian)


proc: i5/i7? (no idea which ones are best and the difference between them)
ram: 6-8 gb ddr3?
video: nvidia smth close to new :X
momboard: no idea
coollers: no idea

im dumb in this PC area, i need your help kind cf user.

image: 6xft8TBl1l8
need good coolingsystem

image: e423a_car-fire
Q: PC build suggestions!

A: Dont
Takes all your money and free time.
Info on what you will use it for would be good.
gaming, obviously :PP (nerd much BF3, crysis 3, max payne, new bioshock and other loads of games)
Do you have any kit in your existing PC that can be re-used like GPU?
i've no idea what you are asking but my PC is very old (early 2008)

E8200 2.6ghz duo
9600 GT
ASUS p5k-e
4gb DDR2
wow thats so new never seen that before!!

i5 2500K are pretty nice for the price :)

I recently ordered my new PC (gonna receive it on friday I hope :P) but it was a bit more expensive (~ 800€).

Here's the config :

- Intel Core i7 2600K (processor)
- Nvidia GTX 560 (gfx card)
- Gygabite Z77... (motherboard)
- Corsair 2x 4Go (RAM)
- Western Digital 500Go SATA3 (hard disk)
- Zalman Z9 (box - dunno how to say)
- Cooler Master 750W (power supply)

Gonna play and stream starcraft2 and bf3 without problems I guess !
thanks man ill keep this build in mind, still gonna talk to my computer-geek-working-guy about some stuff to change or so.. but thank you :)
replace the i7 with i5 2500k, not really much difference in anything except price
tbh its only worth it if you plan to overclock it
C'est de la merde la carte graphique que tu vas prendre comparé à la puissance du proc, tu devrais plutôt prendre une GTX 560 Ti 448 minimum avec un proc pareil.
trop chère, j'avais 900€ de budget :(
overkill psu.
drunk on monday/tuesday = ownage
2012 anno domini
buying computer

or did i time-travel back to 2004 already?
why would i not buy a new pc? :)
in 2012 year of the lord people do not buy personal computers anymore...nowadays you settle with a macbook and/or iphone/galaxy s3 then you sit into starbucks and do your stuff there..
but seriously personal computer is soo 2002-2006,a time when et was still alive...but nowadays et is death and immobile personal computers are death too.its 2012 year of the lord my friend,wake up already
im hardcore gamer gonna nerd bf3 high gfx :)
like et is the only game on the world ;d If i had to choose between pc or macbook/allotherstuff. I would choose for pc, dont need all that other crap. Were you pay your ass off for a pc thats only smaller that can do less..
This. A good stationary PC and a bad/decent laptop for school/work is all you need. (and obviously a smart phone for playing games and browsing internetz while taking a shit)
ye, i never bought a phone. I now got a Nokia E71 and it was free from a mate since that whole family is in the gadget shit and they just gave it like it was a 1euro phone lol.
not gonna get high gfx with 560gtx xD
I have 580gtx and still can't get stable fps with high graphics!

70-80 sounds good
like your randompic

edit: i5 > i7
intel i5 2500 3.3ghz
nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti (or 580)
ram 6gb ddr3 1600mhz
motherboard, the cheapest that supports cpu and ram
power supply 500W

errything runs
pishu v mestnih cenah, po idee u vas doljno byt deshevle:

i7 2500K & Macho HR-02 cooler = easy overclock 3.3Ghz -> 4.5-5Ghz(pomogu esli nado), na ocherednie 5 let hvatit
175+45e or smth, pravda esli korpus huevqj, to ni odin normalnqj cooller ne vlezet, a normalnqj korpus - eshe 50e, kotorqj chel sverhu napisal Zalman Z9 poidet

Nvidia GTX 560 Ti, v bf3 100+ fps budet na high na tvoem monike, tolko samie deshevie obrezki ne beri, a lu4we mozhesh vzat Nvidia GTX 560 Ti 448 esli babki budut, ona vashe pizdataja.

cheap 2 x 4gb ram

nu i PSU(blok pitanija) normalnij watt na 600

HDD skoree vsego ostaviw(esli on SATA, a ne PATA), esli 4e - kupiw kakoi-nibud novij euro za 50

doljen ulozhitsa
zapisal tvoj build
This is my config

CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k / 4.5 Ghz
MotherBoard: Asus P8Z68-V
HD: Samsung SpinPoint F4 HD322GJ
Monitor: HP w2007v
Keyboard: Logitech G15
Mouse: Logitech MX518
Mousepad: ICIDU Wrist Rest Mousepad
Sound: Speedlink VEOS Stereo Speakers, black
Graphics: MSI N560GTX Twin Frozr II/OC
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 4x 2GB
O/S: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits
Headset: Logitech USB
Connection: KPN
dont buy asus mobos
Hey TimbolinA, I don't think he asked for your config but I can share mine with you

CPU: Intel i7 2600k w/ Antec Kühler Box
MotherBoard: Gigabyte Z68AP-D3
HD: Western Digital 300GB Veloci Raptor
Monitor: BenQ XL2410T
Keyboard: Logitech g105
Mouse: Zowie EC1
Mousepad: Zowie G-TF Speed Edtion
Sound: Integrated
Graphics: PNY GeForce GTX 580
Memory: Kingston HyperX 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz
O/S: Windows 7
Headset: Creative Arena Surround Gaming Headset
Connection: 8/1 dsl
stupid noob Sound: Integrated
where ssd??
but the headset has soundcard on it :-(

and the ssd will be coming soon!
what if u listen music on speakers??

ssd 1tb considering how much money u spend on PC!

+ agree with ensam, i'm not fan of ASUS MBOs either, get gigabyte never had probs with it
what problems do ASUS mbo's give?
this is my 3rd p7p55 board in the warranty period and this one I use now is already broken also(dual channel not working)

i mean on the other hand same can happen to any other brand like gigabyte,guess I was just rly unlucky with them but it's good to mention it nontheless. it can be good but it can suck also...its up to you
I have same motherboard and i don't have any problems with it. I got it second-hand, and its at least over 1 year old since i got it.

So i gues you are unlucky or just abuse your hardware somehow ;d
nah,2 were dead as soon as i bought them :D
LOL, from retail shop? Damn thats unlucky to the max :D
4gb ram is enough
Www.overclock3d.net and ask, very helpful users there
buy cocaine for that money -> profit
my config ! !

CPU: Intel i5 2400 /be quiet dark rock
MotherBoard: asus p8h67m-pro
HD: Western Digita bluel 320GB
Monitor: iiyama b2475hds
Keyboard: lycosa
Mouse: nova x600
Mousepad: vespula
Sound: Integrated
Graphics: evga gtx 570
Memory: Kingston HyperX 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz
O/S: Windows 7
Headset: AKG GHS-1

you can change ventirad cooler master hyper 212 and change grafik card for one gtx 560ti
I should spend more money on a pc, nerd
every1 has geforce gaphics cards :o why?
because nvidia>ATI :d
as i heard from loads of people nvidia > Netherlands ati

picture and performance wise, + i dont like ati capitalyst or whatever its called bullshit programm
nvidia has better opengl support and better support for dualscreens
aha, because im planning to buy a new video card, yet i had only ati cards but maybe i will try nvidia now.
I run a dualscreen setup and I had to manually rewrite my profile to force the vid card to run at the same speed, since it was going bezerk when one screen was in 3D while the other was running 2D, constantly switching between low energy 2D mode and overclocked 3D mode. There isnt even an option in catalyst, only fix is to hack powerplay out of existence.

random googled example: http://www.overclock.net/t/633195/dual-monitor-flickering-ati-5870/10
opengl support is so much better on nvidia. Loads of times i had artifcats with ati drivers in etqw for example :(
ATI cards are great, just the driver side still needs a lot work.
CPU: i5 2500K is the way to go at the moment, but keep an eye on the next generation, like the i5 3570K, which is already available in some stores/countries

ram: 8 gb ddr3 definitely

video: very hard to pick, but atm I would go for the Radeon HD7850

case: don't neglect this choice, you can make big mistakes picking a case. What's most important to you: low noise? great cooling? looks?
great cooling i guess for overclocking?
Then I would go for the "CoolerMaster 690 II Advanced".
any idea for the price? :P
You should get it for €80-90
Maybe as an additional measure: check with your friends with a new PC what case they have. If it's cheaper, judge it by temperatures, noise and looks/quality if it's acceptable for you.
depends what kind of cooling.
If you want high-end liquid cooling you should not look at the CM690, but if you are talking about air cooling it's good.
700 Euros will get you a good system for what you need.
Nice help, bro.
well everyone has just posted THEIR specs. That aint helpful either!
except h8m3, hes the man
thanks everyone <3
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