The sun is out! Wales Wales!

What's the weather like by you? It's about 22C+ here..

image: 11768_420996864589511_100000376026622_1288015_1103375547_n

Picture from a mate's workplace
image: 550757_10151765184085232_811975231_24767051_597217959_n

Off back out to chill then up the field for a kick about, what you gays doing?

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yellow code for rain and strong winds its a bit cloudy,atm 24 C tho
2nd pic, Are you in prison?
It's a pic from my mate's workplace, engineering company :p
to bad I have to study for my exams :Xd
its about 26 °C here and im going to the Beach club to play some volleyball in about 1-2 hours to celebrate my upcoming birthday with some mates :p
Nice day indeed.
Looks pretty warm and bright.
28°C I'm on my netbook in the garden, but the screen appearantly broke.
~20-25celcius here, not winding, been out without shirt but wearing shorts for couple of days already.
Read that as -20°C and had to chuckle because of the hardcore finnish people. :D
26c in Hertfordshire
Inside a car = roasting!!
Rain. 15°C.
Hot here too, in work though :( .
29C over here. :-)
23c boyyyy, glad i woke up to go to college!
27 fucking degrees in stavanger, norway.

fucking great if it hadnt been for no cooling options, so im stuck here melting :s
what a lovely place u have there with the barbwire
QuoteIt's a pic from my mate's workplace, engineering company :p
should read and not just look pics :D
5c, ice just melted from lake yesterday, welcome summer!
Nice weather there, ice melted couple months ago:) +23 °C in Turku atm
sun + 25°C in belgium
perfect weather to study outside
true :( sick weather and I have to study
image: i-know-that-feel-bro

1 month and studytime is over
idd, on my computer for fucking ages today
i've moved my desk so it faces my window but I don't know if it's better or worse this way :/
worse imo, you need a dark, quiet corner where you can imagine its not sunny
lolnerds what you want with sun?? :XD:D:XD:
you cannot play et with it :DDDDDDD:>>>>>>>X:X;X;
35 in the sun ^^
25 degrees soo h0t
hows she called?
18c ° at paris... fuck

no sun, no rain only pollution :d
39c in the sun
sunny, +23 °C in the shadow
2° was snowing last night
10 °C and windy
fookin boilin here, get to wear my new ray bans for at least a day!
its around 17°C and sunny here in ICELAND!!! played football to 3am last night because it dosen't get dark in the summers in Iceland !!!
are you serious?
wtf that sounds amazing and annoying :D
i'm serious its quite amazing but it has never been annoying for me atleast ;) doubt you can anywhere else play golf or football in the middle of the night during the summer :d
fucking hot
almost died when I took the train
about 25°, even more in sun! Spent time with friends at beach from 11:30 till 19:30, 8 hours well spent!
around +20 but cant rly enjoy it cause have been sick for 2 day now
Feel like summer here too and I AM LOVING IT !
Wore a dress today for the first time of the year ;)
atm it's fucking raining only since 2/3 days + wind = cold -.-
Always sunny in here,noting new,getting ready for work.
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