hello again friends

once again I am available for mercing(rifle please - i can't aim with smg) for clans :P pm me @ #Squad.ee , my nick is hell-mant
Good luck mantm8, I hope you will find decent people to play with!
hello again
can aim with rifle but can't aim with smg, nice troll
most of the riflers have this prob...
so i can understand him :DDD
name me 3 good rifler with no smg aim...
you never seen mant aiming with smg? so I guess you meant yourself and you are shit rifle so cant expect good smg aim from you. gg
I can aim in 3on3 and vs noobs in 6on6
inb4 3on3 roller Italy xylos
no love for walle????
You can only play with walle, you cant cheat on him.
xiiter ;(
give them hell, hehe :)
Saw him once playing on BiO, he didn't say hi back to me :(
a goot rifla has goot smg

goot bye
diablo pls
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