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My journal without music? Bitch pls...

man this guy
is just chillin
B is the superior choice.

For those that pick D, have fun getting arrested for all the cocaine
why the fuck would you get arrested for finding something
Possession of so much cocaine is illegal, regardless of how you acquired it.
are you retarded
Just aware of actual laws.
so you're telling me that if you found 3 tonnes of cocaine in some abandoned house, and called the cops, they would arrest you for possession of 3 tonnes of cocaine? that's some mighty logic you've got there
Finding it in a warehouse =/= being stuck on an abandoned island with it.

They're going to draw the obvious conclusion which is that you brought it. They're not going to believe it just happened to be there, nor that it was stored there (no one picks it up for 20 years? Yeah right, great joke)

It doesn't matter what's true and what's not.
oh god, you really are retarded, how exactly do you bring 3 tonnes of cocaine to an abandoned island all by yourself, if the plane crashes?
In the plane?

Where did the black guy come from do you think...
nobody said anything about the plane not crashing in the water

also implying you can't throw the rest of it in the water, also why would the cops come rescue you on an abandoned island
Not if you call them yourself, if you dont and they notice youre fuked
B ofc... the chance you survive for 20 years is small...
fucking this girl on the other side, is much more plosible ;)

and when fed up of her, just cut on of her limbs of and eat it. make sure you keep the pussy and the boobs for the last meals ;)
you're a fucking psycho bro

i would only eat her if i can't find food anymore lol :p
D, make the black dude search for food, wait for cocaine-boss to come find his shit, hijack the plane with the gun (i'm a great shot) and get the hell out of there with coke & jewelry, then i'll go and get more of those chicks from B column with the money i earned from selling the cocaine & jewelry ;p
You can only get off the island after 20 years.
Nothing said about when you get off the island but you being rescued. Cocaine-boss coming for his cocaine doesn't seem to be like a rescue mission.
B - dat ass
B - Bet you can make money and shit with self-biography
Rowing Boat.
B is far superior. Oh and dat ass.
Why the fuck would anyone take D? Nigga living at the island with you for 20years?

All you would get is your ass full of dick

They cant handle the animal instinct

I'd go with C. I like alcohol

I wouldnt get B becouse women whine, i dont want to listen that for 20years.

A is just shit in general. Guitar is for homos, I fucking hate fishing, I'm not that into weed and I what the fuck would I do with volleyball
you must probably be a smart,strong and though man :)
I would probably take some Bear Grylls

is this a gay test?

if i have a boat and i have a hatchet, this would be easier to make rowers and i would escape together with the babe from that island :) with plenty of food
B, put the girl in the boat and let her paddle while I'm destroying the map and compass with the Hatchet.
B. I would fuck the hot babe to death then eat her (and I would go on fucking her after her death). And after that I would try to find some animal to eat (I'd use my hatchet to kill him in a painful way - cuz I'm a bit of a psycho) and if I can't find anything to eat then I'm fucked up
QuoteI would eat her and then fuck her

true dat! I would fuck her to death, keep fucking her after her death, and THEN eat her
Sounds much better <3
Obviously C, always a loyal pet who can help you killing dangerous animals and shit rather than a 24/7 whining dtf bitch who only wants diamond.
+ a knife and survival books, what could be better rofl?

Girl =/= Alcohol
Hatchet > Knife
Boat > Dog
Map/Compass > Books
QuoteGirl =/= Alcoho

lold :D
wat :D just saying in a survival situation both are pretty useless, would rather have the girl though!
Bahah obviously A! I'd smoke weed and play the guitar all day long. Other than that, I'd be going fishing to have some food. What more would I need...? Weed + music (+ food)! And when there comes a rainy season I'd make some clothes and a hot tent-house out of weed.
sounds like a plan
Cocaine + chick + dog + boat

alcohol + weed + coke + chick and boat, just to trip around.
Just imagine watching stars on the boat only with the waves moving it up and down
the others were better
B is the obvious choice here. Axe is best thing there is to survive when stranded.
Compass and map give you a good indication on where you are and how the island looks like. Maybe the hot girl also has some survival skills besides that she is dtf. Also don't underestimate the value of not being alone, a lot of stranded people are driven mad because of the loneliness. Might be better off with Wilson though..
B :

2 solutions :

1: Using the Hatchet to break the boat and fuck the chick.

2: Pointing the Hatchet on the girl and telling her to pilot the boat while I'm using map and compass to find the closer civilization.
that girl not my idea of hot she need some meat on her

knife, rifle, cocaine, jewlery may work out well but what will i do with "This guy" is he sposed to be enslaved or something?

And no I don't want the ball from Cast Away I'm not a psycho.

C or D
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