24 hours till freedom

Fuck yeah, only 24 hours left to serve my country, damn this is awesome.

Shotout to my buddy Finlandputtu

Meeh... Still 43

already served year ago #pwnage
only 41 days left.
I just came home. I was seeing doctor about army (again, was 2years ago aswell and my decision about going to army was moved by 2years). Doctor was goodman and gave me an C wich means i dont have to go army, just gotta go to the official army selection thingy next winter and im done.
its rather retarded to be forced to go to army nowadays
its good for lazy teens whose parents didn't bring them up to work or have discipline though
ite ottaisin heti c-paperit heti jos saisin, kiinnostaa melkee jos joku takapajulan juntti tulee huutelee homoks/vammaseks/nörtiks
The Netherlands dont force people to go serve for x amount of months.. :P
damn, ur balls must be swollen beyond all recognition. gl emptying them ;)
gratz. I had to serve 6 months, nothing feels better then being done with it.
going to be nice day =D 10.1.2011-6.1.2012 <-- Was my military service
soon baby soon :D
i like this song
tehe did 12 months,gl mate
Unless someone declares war on Estonia in the next 24 hours. Good luck to you!
Would make no difference, reserve troops would be used first if war started.
Gratz to you then, my service was back at 2005/2006, sometimes I miss those days!
i love to see how people in countries who are forced to go into the army think theyre a real man.. :)

its a nice experience tho!
hf @russian army
agree, russian army is tough, but they can call them selves soldiers, they just might miss the real combat feeling, but they have been trough thick and thin, so respect for that!
alot think really think the way around that is mostly waist of time. I think it is actually a phase every man in every country should go trough.

It will open your eyes if you are interested in opeing them. I loved the expirience, if my math would\t be so shit I would allready finish this year my military college. And be younger leutenant. But as life shoes it has other sort of plans for me.

Alot me will only realise that army was a nice place once they work to much at office jobs or have so routine life, that army was actually a good memorable time, brotherhood, even if you had bad moments with your gun m8s, packing each other up and the joy to meet again after years is priceless!

Take care,

haters gonna hate
didnt mean to hate, the experience should be awesome, no doubt!

but the way some people act when they did "forced service" is just odd..

cba to really explain it, but ye
I understand you m8, just for me service was something more than just hey I was in army man!
thats good to hear :)
still left something like 300
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