.mkv file

alright, so I have a moviefile which is in .mkv format

I want to burn it so I can watch it on a dvd player.

but everything related to this I can find are some professional mediamixeraudiotrackerprogrammer programs.

ain't there a '1click-turn into an .avi file' programs ?
Weird I just googled this a few hours ago and found the answer!
nP for me!
xD irish talent!

This is what im rly listening to : http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=o2ZRc3RPyHI
gonna download there other albums now actually!
wont find .mkv files

ps. nice deleting my stuff before i could even get it :@
u make my clip, u get ftp


it's like... deal ? or no deal?

you said no deal.
i never said anything...

/q dONTHAX @ qnet
Media Player Classic?
mkv = matroska stuff and usually involves video in HD, and that's usually 720p or 1080p stuff encoded in x264 or h264, which is quite not the same as DVD which has a lower resolution than 720p and 1080p and is encoded in mpeg2.

Im sure there are some progs out there that could resize it to DVD resolution and encode it to mpeg2 for you, but I wouldn't know about it cuz I never had the need for it.
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