MYM vs fnatic @ SEC 2008 final

cs 1.6 final, starting today at 4.00 AM EST!! :)
watchable eventho its cs!
12500 e
np for Poland MYM
MYM gotta win fnatic 2 times then since they come from loserbracket :) ain't gonna happen imo
i know i know but still np for them 8D
The Denmark mYm team is the old Poland pentagram team right?
Too many interesting matches today.
Tod is playing HoT and Grubby soon in warcraft 3, fnatic vs MYM , but more importantly mousesports vs SK Gaming at 10:15.
SK vs mouz was soooo close
Deagle for the win.
Nice prizes :s
gg by mouz, but someone tell Tosspot, that Alternate vs Estro is not the last final, its just the upperbracket final and the loser has to play mouz in the consolation final. :P
PS: At least according to readmore, so if thats wrong, then gg to estro.
PPS: Gotfrag also says, that Mouz will play Alternate in the Consolation final.
lol, nice prizemoney. need that on ET :DD
best part tbh was

Xeqtr: Fucking bullshit man

we need complexity :<
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