norway i`m coming

Hi folks!

It seems like i`m moving to norway in a few weeks to work there in a small town called vidaraasen near andebu.
so any norwegians here that can tell me something about their country?

how`s the weather in this southern area? nice and friendly people? am i allowed to drive and drink (no i dont smoke anymore), of course not at the same time ;)
what about the prices? is it expensive to live their?
AND OF COURSE: norwegian girls? fine? i hope so!
so if there`s anything about norway i didnt asked about and still need to know. just tell me :)
thx 4 zeh infos
heard it's cold there
Its expensive country tbh
Norway is in the north of europe.
Perhaps he ment, South in norway
i know and i meant it`s in the south of norway!
I know, I tried to be funneh but I failed xD

and lolz, I am in your profile

"Shoutout to: Germany WSK for the short but nice time in XTC"

<3 :D
be proud!!!
image: zlcqmv6w

loekinos love island is near to norway imo
Thoose are swedish btw.
(dont spoil loekinos fantasies)
guess who edited that pic ?
women aren't things!

haha yea right
i'd like to go to Norway :(
Perhaps i'll see you around in norway, searching for a job in norway again now :) see you durin the summer mayb,
what are you working with up there? etc anything fun
Let me answer you.

- I've no idea where andebu is, but if it's in the southern part of Norway you can expect generally good weather, 30+ in the summer etc =)

- The Norwegian people are like all scandinavians, friendly and they speak English fluently so you shouldn't have any problems speaking to people.

- Laws in Norway are really strict, especially when it comes to drinking (and therefore driving), so you can drink one small glass of whine and that's it if you want to drive afterwards.

- Norwegian girls are easily the most beatiful in the whole world, so you shouldn't have any problems with them :)

- It's fucking expensive, you'll get used to it. Everything is expensive, but on the other hand you earn money like nowhere else in the world. It was from 2000 to 2006 (2nd in 2007) the best place to live in the whole world (according to UN's report) and it is the place in the whole world with the highest living standard, with an avg. income of 350.000 NOK a year, which is roughly 32.000 pounds a year.
hey, big thanks to u!
and i dont want to drive and drink at the same time :D just wanted to know if i`m allowed to drink with my 20 years and allowed to drive with my eu licence (im pretty sure im allowed to)
and an avg. income of 350.000 NOK sounds pretty nice, but im sure i wont get that much cuz if i go, i`m only working there for 1 year
yes you are allowed to use the driver license if im right , and 20 years yes you can buy alcohol. i thought u can buy almost everything then .. not sure it can be 21 also
it's the richest country in the whole fcking europe :o
Andebu is a Hillbilly place, not even a town;) . And Vidaraasen is a place where retards are gathered? u gonna work with them?
Sandefjord is closest city(townx)), about 30km from andebu, thats where i live ;D
yes, i`m going to work with these phisically handicaped people
nice of u :), says something about norwegians, when we have to import workers to take care of such people :X
idd :P Norwegians arent that interested in health care :X
really nice of u, enjoy your stay =)
Loel? i live 20 km from sandefjord :( and tønsberg is nice also!
There's big polarbear's and lots of vikings
The south of norway is best in the summer so enjoy =)
Norwegians are REALLY hard to get to know unless their drunk. Foreigners have been saying that for many years. We are generally not very polite, we bump into eachother and dont say a single thing, you can sit on the buss, then a girl knocks you with her purse/bag, and she dosnt even say a thing or even just look around to see.
My father was out cycling, and he fell quite bad because of the ice, a girl around my age (18) or so didnt even turn around to see if my father was ok.
This is a good reason to why black metal is so special in Norway, we have the right "elements".
lol :D
sounds like me :D
and i <3 black metal!
Where on earth do u live?
Bergen ftw, nicest town, we have mouth sex with random chicks !
yeh and rain, and more rain, also rain. how can u not kill yourself there?
And what kinda black metal bands would that be?
dimmu ftw.
i know it isn`t clear black metal.. and immortal is quite nice too!
Now I really dont like you. Dimmu isnt black metal at all. It has nothing to do with black metal. It's a bunch of fake misunderstood retards all in it for the money. I hate dimmu, and I hate every fucking big-fan they got!
dimmu borgir DO have their roots in black metal, it seems like u dont know anything about it yourself
and im not a fan, this was the only black metal band in my mind at that moment
From the 2 first albums, yes. But the music after that is Symphonic Extreme Metal. Trust me, I do know music. Black metal also have similarities to punk, but it dosnt make it punk, now does it?
no, it dont but u got the point i wanted to tell u ;)
never said that they are still a black metal band :P
I never said dimmu has never been black metal, I said "Dimmu isnt black metal at all", which means I'm speaking of the PRESENT time, not the past.
we like to fart on eachothers faces eat fish and sniff gasoline
LoL i live like 10km from andebu :o
then im going to visit u to give me some weed n stuff :D
hé :( i know im dutch! but Weed etc are ILLEGAL in norway .. plz dont try it :P
lol i know it`s illegal here in germany too :D
but i bet many people give a shit about it^^
well.. the punishments are harsh here.. drive too fast and i can cost ye izi 20,000 kr

and drugs = jail if im right.. im only in norway for 1.5 years now so dont know much about that myself :P
lol it was meant as a joke tbh^^
i dont wanna smoke sth there, i`ll do that like once a year.
well you never know :P just warning you ^^
yeye thx, i`ll better rape some 14 year old :D
been there 4 days, was high 3 of em. go to hausmania in oslo, nice ppl there who'll invite u.
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