need some tips

Need some tips to look better, and perform better @ the girls.

These are the things I thought of already:

Cut my hair (prolly will do this since girls say my long hair makes me ugly)

Dress me in smth else than black (bought some fashion shirt, and immediately some chick told me "omg he's dressed well", made me feel rly awesome tbh ;D)

Make less 'unlucky' pics of myself which I put online (attentionwhore ftw)

Go out more

Plz gimme more tips! (ps. I know it's prolly wrong to ask this on Crossfire, but /care, can use all the tips ^^)
wtf are u?
dont change too much at the same at, a 'friend' of me did it and now he thinks he's every thing, that is he sooo cool and stuf, cant stand him actually

but some tips, just stay yourself and dont think that every girl will beg for your attention when u cut your hair and have other clothes on...
tru, but a bit more than atm could help actually.. I've actually had a decent amount of girlfriends before I started growing my hair, and since then I've been.. bullied n stuff with it. I dno, it's just annoying, but I'm afraid to cut it off since I might regret it afterwards..
just talk to sheep, he had also long hair,, (i believe:P) and he cutted it to, so ask how he felt about it^^
tru! good idea, thx
atleast one good 'tip' u got on crossfire :x
btw ive had long hair too, i cut it, and now regret it, im thinking about getting it back...

anyway im not fishing in waters were things like hair or even looks matter that much....

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Why not give him some advice?
Meez never goes outside, he's socially inept you know.
Like meez can give advice on girls :X
Meez is in a situation that's most likely worse.
Need meez/nevari/azatej pic here and all is clear
This journal is officially amazing, regardless of its content.
Hey, at least I'm trying.. ^^
I can't take that from you!
just find the right one and u dont need to use any kind of tips anymore
Girls really tell you that you are ugly?
No, actually only dudes do.. Girls who I can talk to admit I don't look pretty with my long hair, but that with short hair I would actually be attractive enough to just be able to walk up a girl in a bar for example and date her, which is what I want ofc ;)
You don't like metal chicks or even they don't like your style? ;)
Actually never rly been to metal clubs n stuff, dno, maybe should try that once too. Have had a metalchick though, and have many metalchick-friends, but I'm just too chicken to talk to them ^^
they fuck harder
who says you need to go to the metal club if you want to meet "metalchick"? not saying it's bad idea, though. nice myths anyway.
why havent u already cut them then?

I play in metalbands n stuff, it's part of my lifestyle :<
decide what u want then :X

girls or metal :>
well he has to make a cut:

whether he keeps acting the metal guy and fail @the girls (not saying he can't listen to metal :DDDD)


change his style and be more succesful :D

well I don't know what his hair is like, but I know lots of girls who prefer long hair. of course not being so big deal.

a) metal guy doesn't have to have long hair
b) long hair might give you success, too !
yeye im ofc not talking in general, im talking about his special case :)

and his hair make him look like a rapist ^__^

as he said: girls tell him already that he would look better with short hair, i didn't say metllers have worse chances at girls =(

finkregh over
again I don't know what his hair is like, but he might be having just wrong girls! yeah well, needing a pic :(
no, u don't wanna see it ^__________^

and with long hair it always depends on the way u style them !
I do! yeah of course hair needs to be taken care of : <
k *searching in the archives of cf* :x
truth is it doesnt really matter how you look, ppl in general find persons attractive who know who they are and who are confident, questions like that make you look pretty unconfident.

on the other hand, having the ability to laugh about yourself, having humour, and not being shy is a huge plus for the ladies, if i were you i wouldnt stop those "unlucky" pics, just be confident.

(ofc youll find bitches for whom looks are over everything easier with a nicely polished image/outfit, but do you really want that? )
Quote(ofc youll find bitches for whom looks are over everything easier with a nicely polished image/outfit, but do you really want that? )

Also, yes xD

But ur kinda right, although atm I just scare ppl away with my looks, which isn't cool n stuff ^^
This reminds me of a quote , dunno by who , but I remembered it x)

"The looks is what attracts us , but we fall in love with the inside"

I agree with you ,especially about those bitches xP
don't try too much and you will go far

->learn to dance<- :D
ask athene, he gives tips4free :]
im thinking money is the key for ugly people (note that you called yourself ugly and i am in no way judging you)
didn't say I'm ugly, only said that my long hairs make me ugly

but can't just cut em off, I'll regret it, + I need it for the music I play with my band..
cut the hair, make a wig. put wig on when you play with band, take it off when you dont
looks are pretty much overrated in music dont you think?

btw being a musician is a huge plus too :)
omg i cant believe this :|
QuoteDress me in smth else than black

Quotelong hair makes me ugly

you sexy beast
Spree, heb jij usb headset voor op je ps3?
go to gym. just flirt much. make them feel comfortable, dont attack with words too hard :D.
First of all when u get ur hair cut, get it cut by a 19-25 year old barbie and tell her to cut it like she would like it on a guy, that way ur safe
buy some gstar outfit or a suit, both ways it works, not a snobby suit tho
Dont make sad pics, it wont work and u will only get attention by gays and girls who just want to make u feel better but think your a freak, get photos where ur showig that u have a good time, but still missing a girl on your side , - so no pictures of u dancing with a girl , only partying with some friends - gl
dress like zeh punk/skatroboyz
btw on the topic "photo for online-dating"

its a huge plus when you got a nice colorfull background
or playing with a dog or cat :DDD
I don't get negative comments from girls (at least I don't hear them xD)

When a girl asks for help , help her :P

Some pointers ! :

Take a bath more than once a year
Comb your hear daily
Brush your teeth daily
Use a deodorant !
Eat with your mouth closed !
Don't fart near girls (till you marry one of them xP)
Old , but useful : be yourself , don't freak out , don't feel tension , you can't do anything wrong (not literally xD)
Make eyecontact when a girl talks to you and vica versa
U sir have huge lips
Hoi kazuu

PS: I haven't heard a single girl complain about it , so ...
Im not saying that they should complain, they are just huge :O are u sir u aint black?

And I meand tips, not lips
It's in my family , my cousin has it too :/
no because they are afraid those lips will eat them xDDD
QuoteI don't get negative comments from girls (at least I don't hear them xD)

image: 14515_20-05-08_22332

get that man some warning points! thx
You don't have to trust me on this , but I really don't lol
\o/ lol wtf
Haha, negerlippen :DDD
zwijgt gij ma ze x)
QuoteTake a bath more than once a year

get some balls
that's the whole problem, always afraid of rejection (I know, cheesy lame n standard, but its tru :DD)
if you got the money to spare: get yourself a psychoanalysis-session every week, will break you down the first weeks, but youll grow stronger than ever before.
Reminds me of a family guy quote :D
The red firetruck can consume 8-times its own weight ?
dl "the pickup artist"
...if you want to die a virgin.
rumors say he slept with fasolka more than once
That's disgusting.

LoL :D :D :D
haha :d:ddD:dd
hang with tardler and griim ,they know the best places to score some pooontang:)
Tardler is a faggot, the only meat he ever gets is penis.
have a party @ your place and you feel much confident with the girls because they all have to meet you before they come in and that gives you a good opportunity to start smalltalking with them ;>
i actually have lots of parties, including at my home, but that changes nothing :/
You're ugly and you'll die ugly..

Live with it or kill yourself. 2nd option is best for you.
he asked for tips, not for the truth..
dont spend so much time on the computer, get out, work out on a gym, clip your hair, wear makeup, dress up like a girl? get a blind woman, 2girls1cup, datamachine, error, hey, i, love, u, inside,,,
Btw am I weird if I only want to have sex with a girl I actually love?
no you re 15
sorry for old reply but : :D:D:D:D:DdDD
Hormons, growing up, all that shit.
you'll get over that soon dont worry
beter reply je op mijn pm
ohja ^^
nah ik heb geen tijd voor een nieuwe clan
maar bedankt voor het aanbod ;)
Agree on your points but try sporting aswell, not because you are too fat are don't look muscular enough or stuff like that but sporting gives you an air of confidence even when you don't have it. Girls like guys who are motivated for something, who "put their soul" into something although this expression is a bit over the top yeah, I hope you get what I mean.
I do running, 3 times a week 15 kilometres. Also I do lots of musclebuilding activities, so that's also not the problem ^^
kauf dir 'ne Knarre.
try smth like "das model und der freak" :<
Don't forget your smile & brush your teeth!
just be nice to the girls, give compliments ( just small ones), give the girl who youre trying to get a lil bit more attention and play a lil hard-to-get but DONT over do it,
I got all my girls because they all said im nice to them and sweet, they didnt chose me because im beautifull or something..

* using some [dutch] luchtjes [/dutchjes] might work too, but also with this, dont over do it !
Rohypnol and a bed.
Get those bitches drunk/stoned.
this is the best place to find ur answers about reallife !
Ask azatej he never leaves the house - OR ask overboost im sure he will tell u how to make urself look better :D
suicide would help to get attention! even i would give you attention then! (the same goes for some chicks in your surrounding area)
youre not going to pick up at a bar face it, join a club or library!

settle for any mangy pussy !!

its a start
rude cunt...the guy is in sympathetic :p
"fuck the carrot and the stick, he's taking the carrot and using it as the stick!"
hahahahaha lol ..:))
get glasses like butchji and look intelligent!
u wont get alot girl with only black clothes, but u might be able to keep your long hair (dunno how long it is tou). but u just have to look confident and then watch carefully in the disco if u look to one in the eye a few times go dance with her, she is probably drunk anyway fuck yEAH!!
im not really steven seagal sorry m8 :[
be an arrogant bastard and treat them all like shit
i really think that works...sad but true :<
be also a little bit shy ;)
Wish i had a clue myself :4
Aww hentai. You've always got me to talk to, don't forget that.
Fuck getting your hair cut and dressing up like a sissy boy, if some girls don't like the way you are then go smash them in the face

My awesome advice works well *cough* :{
from emo to guido

"Dress me in smth else than black (bought some fashion shirt, and immediately some chick told me "omg he's dressed well", made me feel rly awesome tbh ;D)"
That picture, ROFL. Im crying from laughter.... :DDDD
Show us some pics of yourself for a laugh
- be nice
- funny
- sometimes bit romantical like (hey honey ur looking damn good today .....or didnt notice that u have such beautiful eyes :)´] "compliments?"
- go on parties
- dont hang up with freaks

sry for my mate :)
omg are u gay??
- be nice
- funny

they want to be shagged not tickled ffs......
i dont know how u flirt with girls

prolly like they did 100000000 years ago

beating up the girl if she doesnt want to fuck u
"or didnt notice that u have such beautiful eyes "

my girlfriend would be sick if anyone tried to chat her up in that way. Soooooo creepy...but gl anyway..:p
thats just an example

but imagine spree talking to a girl

i bet he would tell her something about enemy territory
bathroom visit and stop shaking condoms while speaking to girls
image: will-smith-picture-1

Someone needs help?
be urself?
That's not gonna hide his looks =D
Show us your picture so we cant tell you whats may be wrong with you :)
you just wanna have a good laugh !
hmmm not.
i can use google to find ugly ppl

i just wanna help :{
Very good tip : Get a brown tant
a while back there was a popular e-book about... double dating or something similar i downloaded and read it and their was some interesting stuff. take a look
just try to not lose any more teeth!!!!!
The best tip is, or at least that worked for me, is ignore girls and try to be even sometimes rude (not like "oh u whore" "ur a bitch", but answer them with simple no's and yes's and look away). What everyone notices every once in a while (hopefully) is that girls enjoy when you beg them (for a kiss, for a fuck and what not), but what not many people do is try to make girls beg for you. To do this just simply have a "I don't care about the world or you" mentality. That way the girl is gonna be like "umm this guy is kinda mysterious I like it". Its a big +1 when you play an instrument.
no problem for spree then, hes like the best drummer in europe or some shit
* top 3 @ NL when I was at the age of 12
omg get out of mah head
"Plz gimme more tips! (ps. I know it's prolly wrong to ask this on Crossfire, but /care, can use all the tips ^^) "

wtf noob you stoled my profile picture.
2nd that.
Why did you make this journal? Girls told you that you are not good enough? I don't give a shit about girls opinion. The only important thing it's like yourself, and don't care about the rest. If you really like yourself there is noone who could change your opininon. And you don't have to cut your hair if you don't want. Would you cut your hair if someone told you : "Oh man short hair would be better, you would be cutier".

So ask a question to yourself : Do i like myself ?
i once read that u first need to be ok with urself before feeling good in society.
o m g.

Work on how ur moving, Saying things be abit relaxed and dont stress direct on them make them feel comfortable. =)
gta style!
put a large piece of fruit in your pants
tell them you are a progamer
Nothing can help you..
asking those questions on crossfire is totally nonsense.
you always can be homeseksual..... its a great excuse for not-dating girls !!
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