advise me pls:>

Dear community,

i need ur advice about a laptop ive seen on the internetz. I dont know much about the laptop settings, so maybe some of you could advise me:

shud i or not get this one:

The page is in french but i guess you can figure out what's said about the config.

To me it looks pretty naiz, but i prefer having opinions first

Sure buy acer if you want a laptop that falls apart as soon as you pick it up.

That was my lack of argument statement of the day.
Agree with hkrep
which brand would be the best then?
Hai my favorite frenchie!
And i've heard acer is bad! :<
HAÏ sex0. give me some links on skillat laptops
I am low skillat @ flapflops :<<<<
PS. I might get new room @ amsterdamzzz in a couple of weeks z0mg wtf pwnage1
then ull put me up when i get my internship next year!! woohoo
eheheheh room isn't that big ;) but you can come and meet me for sure! :D
acer > hp
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