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I am looking for some who is experienced with custom windows theme's (programs like StyleXP).
What I need is a theme (which i already have) in which 1 colour needs to be changed, should be pretty easy if you know what you're doing I suppose...

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but is that a program which runs at the background or is it just a theme you extract and then can use without any other stuff running?
you hacks a windows system file to allow you to add some custom themes ( try patch uxtheme.dll to find that software). Then you can add some custom, you can find some on , neowin forum and more. ( thanks to sol :p )
I dont know if you know about the which is basically the same as the normal windows just in different colours. The only thing i want is to change those colours to my preferences, i dont need entire theme's which change my start button and other icons etc.

Is what i want possible with this program?
You can find some simple templates with your color maybe or you have to create it by yourself and i don't know how to do it.
Never heard about this prog.
Would you like the main xp template with another colours ?
ye, you see atm i have the gray + orange (all still in the original windows xp theme) but i would like to change the orange into green or smth for a change if that is possible. i just dont know how to do it...
really don't know but if you patch you uxtheme.dll they are some templates that seems to be the xp one :

k thanks a lot
ask Israelpala.
experienced + stylexp = paradox.
ask perfo, i have no idea
if you used wondowblinds you could change skin color easy
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