Best Movie ever!1

Watching the movie 'Zombie Strippers' together with Viet Nam Rebel, sitting on vent together discussing it. This movie is undoubtly the best movie ever to be made! If you haven't seen it yet, you should, because its exciting, has good actors in it and the best script ever!
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you are a faggot Pim. Without a shadow of a doubt.
Pim I highly believe that youre a fag, no offence.
I'm glad you aggree, we're on the same wave length. I respect that.
There's a lot of evidence to prove you are indeed, a faggot. You listened to elton john while watching a musical and wearing a pink scarf. You enjoy granola and read the guardian newspaper.

You've also shagged a man.

thats just the way it is
Shittiest movie ever
whats next retarded postmen "THE REVENGE OF THE STAMP LICKERS"
seems like spam to me.
this is much better

play the first clip over and over :P
i gave it a 4 at imdb on a good day
that movie is crap 8D
isnt that the one with jenna jameson in it?
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