fps/cpu problems

hi, since I reinstalled ET I can't get decent fps anymore, it's jumping between 20-100 or something. was just watching an ettv replay (where I had stable fps). when I was connecting to another server to play, fps started to bitch. I was able to play yesterday though, didn't have problems.

this is how task manager looks like (after quitting pnkbstr applications):

image: 1largedc2

and these processes are running:

image: 2largevh9

any ideas ? I don't know much about hardware and all that ET related stuff, so plz help a nub out, thanks

update: looks like I have to blame pb: after closing all pnkbstr services, I have 125 fps on a non-pb etproserver. obviously I can't do anything about it, thanks for all the help
blame the fucking ulgy background colour. it probably gave your graphicscard a cancer.
i highly doubt this!
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black is boring and I don't want it to be emo. I try to cheer it up with this nice color :>
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nah, after 1 day or 2 I'd want to change it anyways :p
Update Punkbuster.
did it with pbsetup.exe or w/e its called :<
Well, it might still be the lovely Anonymous PB. It gives random fps drops for me at least. You could try on a server with no Punkbuster to check if it helps.
yea but the thing is:

I installed ET with that ultimate installer crap yesterday -> had fps problems -> uninstalled, installed again with all patches and mods manually, modified defaultcfg -> didn't have problems -> today I start Et, watch ETTV, no problems -> I connect to a server to play -> FPS drops...

€: same on non-pb servers
that might be anything
yes, but if no programms/antivir/firewall/windowsupdate is running... WHAT IS IT THEN?!?
doesnt that background make your eyes hurt?
nah looks worse on the pics. and actually i'm not just staring at my desktop all time?
well I do have antivir running normally :D
LOL @ PROCESSES!!!!!!!!!!
too many... some of them ARE viruses
advice me a nice free antivirus then, mister :>

got AVG free, system runs fine actually, so I dunno :<
thanks, but I sorta don't want some cracked stuff :>
I don't use an antivirus at all, and my PC is clean as possible...
Do you have office/if you do have you used it recently?
yea I have office, I actually started excel by mistake today
Start by turning off the ctfmon.exe process -_-
then disable java updates to remove jusched.exe
and so on, google each process you have to see what it is and if it doesn't run from the right place remove it!
will try, cheers
BTW I don't think it will boost your FPS but cleaning your PC will help it work better.
well I only have some standard programs installed and I try to avoid weird sites and or/programs, so I guess my pc is 'clean' will grab some software for that purpose tho
you don't use a virusscanner, yet you know which processes are virii? elaborate!
It's easy... really...
1. the minimum number of processes to run xp pro is 14~ (without drivers) so say... 19?
2. If I see a "suspicious" process, I google it, see what it does, and usual they tell you where it should run from, if it's the wrong place - virus
3. Now look how much processes HE runs!
he runs 35. i run 59 by default. obviously most are pointless and only slow your pc down, but none of them are virii. the number of processes really means fuck all :-/

and also, removing a virus after infection usually means it's too late
you have no idea
- go to savemode and start a demo.
then check your fps.
- format?
- check for virus
- clean your pc
- delete punkbuster map (you have to keep one file, but can't remember the name)
- reinstall
- check settings
the pc is 2 months old or something,so I doubt I'm in need of a format

fps are fine in demos in normal mode
Tried another game ?
don't have other games (installed) :D

rtcw had key problems, can't play anymore, uninstalled

quakelive was running fine @ 1680x1050 @ 125 fps

warsow, well, it would run with 125 fps on a gameboy color
just download a demo from a 2008-game then..

well I had other games (as old as ET) running fine on this (low-end) machine, so I doubt I'd get a useful information except that the pc might be too weak for new games
then I would suggest disabling all PB-progs, and join a non-pb server, check your fps then.
your config can turn it on anyways, although you are at a non-pb server..

no difference: impossible!
small difference: don't blame PB.
big difference: whine about PB like everyone else!

ps: jaymod non-pb server:
only have etpro installed:

closed all pnkbstr services, went etpro-nonpb server, surprise surprise, 125 fps stable
I now do actually :(
intel e2220, 2 gb ram, 9800gt
Welcome to the club. Start ET and connect to a pb enabled server, then minimise the game and watch in task manager how pnkbstrb.exe sucks all of your CPU resources away!
It's only every 20 minutes or so it does it to me (cvar scans), but still annoying. Only fix I found.. is to not play ET. Still looking for a solution though.
for how long did u have this ? :>
Started around the time of the 1.700 server update and 2.129 client update (end of October), you can find the update list here http://evenbalance.com/index.php?page=support-et.php

"Interestingly", 1.700 is the update where the pbservices (pnkbstra/b/k etc) were made compulsory in all games

QuoteAre the new components optional?

Starting with PB Client version 1.700, the new components are required. Uninstalling and/or disabling the new components will cause PunkBuster to stop working correctly and will cause frequent kicking from PunkBuster enabled servers.

From here http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsvcfaq.php
looks like bibuy ET :>

not even public gaming :<
Shutdown ArGOFG which is using 52% cpu maybe
i got the same problem. Sometimes when i boot ET it switching from 125 => 25 every second. I usually keep rebooting ET till the fps is stable. Try letting punkbuster load before joining a server usually helps.
well, I can live without ET. the time when I thaught rebooting multiple times and/or restarting the game multiple times are worth the effort are over for me :/
yes got same, but i had that for longtime even before pbupdate. But it just happens sometimes, then i just reset et and i got 125 stable :p
same here, but happens very rare. It's the same like when you minimize but then I still get 125 fps stable but looks like it is 20.
yea but its not like u need fps ur bot does everything for you
Based on those screenshots it's not PB's fault at all, it's airgcfg.exe that's hogging CPU power (D-Link wireless router!?!).

Please grab another screenshot of the task list (sorted by CPU usage) when ET is running and connected to a PB enabled server.
thanks, will maybee try later, eventhough as for now, ET ain't no more on my pc :Y
yur pc sucks
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