Logitech G5 infoZzZ

Hello guys!

I have bought G5..

I always played with optical mouse sense 0.75
what is best dpi and gamesens now I have G5

grts ma niggaZ
2000dpi and 0,8 sens :)
2000dpi and 5 sens :)
800dpi and 1.76 sens works fine :o
/trash bin
mx518 @ 400 dpi @ 4,56sens @ 6/11 windows
its optical, he need laser mouse settings...
dpi maximum, game sense maximum, get rid of mouse acceleration in windows, you have to find out best sensitivity on your own, try raziel's manual
over 9000 dpi and sens
cheater get ban
800dpi 1.4sens mpitch 0.016 1000hz
Since when should you use high dpi? o.O
dunno, got the mouse so why not use it
because the mouse is capable of it

why to buy mouse that is capable of 2000dpi and limiting it to something like 400?
Higher dpis have negative acceleration. Though this can be fixed with RInput.
are rinput and dinput the same ?
RInput is just a newer version and therefore better.
heard dinput does lower ur acceleration
is that the removal of negative accelerations ??
Doesn't affect much if you use High DPI like 1800 and above. But when used with a low dpi it slows your mouse down harshly. So if u can get used to and feel comfortable with a high dpi + rinput settings it's reduces randomness of your aim.
what about 1200dpi ?
would u recommend me to use rinput ?
I recommend you to use higher + rinput or lower without rinput. But it's totally your choice. Use something you have used to and handle well.
thx for ur good guidance
the fact that the mice producers have started a dpi war doesn't mean its what the majority wants...

my mouse can handle 2000dpi, i still play on 400.
The main reason i have played 400 dpi is because the quake3 engine has a bug for every dpi above 400 (although it isn't that noticeable on 800dpi)

if you want me to, i can search this article again
wow, do please, never heard of it before and would like to read more, thanks in advance :)
Quote by overdrive3. DPI or Dots Per Inch

You may have seen all of the new mice being released with information given such "ultra high DPI". Low profile mice may only use 200, 400 or at best 800DPI - if you have a low profile mouse, you may not need to take notice of the following section.

There is a major problem however, concerning the use of a high DPI setting in the Quake 3 engine. Join a server, and keep your crosshair focussed on the same point. Put an object next to the current placement of your mouse. Move your mouse swiftly to the other side of your mouse pad or desk. Next, return it slowly to its previous position (next to the object). You will notice that your crosshair has not returned to the same point at which it started - even though it has moved back and forth exactly the same distance.

Whilst moving your mouse with a high DPI setting, it is more likely to lose data or mouse input. When you move the mouse back to its original position slowly, the engine is able to process all of the data. This results in different levels of data processed, and therefore, NEGATIVE ACCELERATION.

In an ideal situation, you want every movement of your mouse to be translated at exactly the same speed displayed on screen - no matter how fast or how slow you move it.

Do not fret... negative acceleration is not a flaw in your mouse, but simply a bug or glitch in the Quake 3 engine.

So, what should you do if you buy a new mouse? You could either set your DPI to 400 or 800, or you could change Operating System (OS) sensitivity via the control panel. The second or third notch should be fine.
QuoteBoth drivers or lowering windows sensitivity will lower the DPI and no matter how fast you move your mouse, it will always move accurately. I recommend 400dpi for low fps players, 400 or 800dpi for high fps players. Anything higher is useless and will make your aim less accurate
Please stop these sensitivity journals!!
bring it back to the store and get a mx518 again. shit mouse (I have it)
trash bin obviously
get the mx518 :P
you have to find urself. just test it.

i play with windows sens 11/11
800 dpi and
ingame sens 0.8
---> headshot action ;)
800 1.1 sens
650 dpi, 1 sens, 6/11 windows 500 Hz :d
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