fps drop - wolf

So here's the problem...

I play on a laptop. Its config is decent I'd say:

GC :geforce 9600m GT
CPU :P8400 core2duo 2x2.26GHz
ram: 3 Gb (supposed to be 4 Gb tho)

In Wolf, I've set all the graphics settins to low, and I still have that fps drop which is making the game not playable at all.

I used the config tweaker for makin my autoexec file and set the cores number to 2... and still.

Anyone has any idea or even a config which could help me sort these fps lags out?

stopped reading when i saw fps drop and wolf in the same sentence
stopped reading after "wolf"

does the bnc work now?
me > you obviously :D
I bet you forgot to enter "mustii" on the email adress
1st of all, what wsk&splthh said
2nd of all, there are dozens of journals with wolf-help
set com_unlock_timingMethod "0"
set com_unlock_safetyMargin "0.1"
set com_unlock_avgFrames "4"

and turn ON threaded optimization in nvidia options
yh it's already turned on. gta try the 2 last commands
E: these values were already in
try to set the resolution to your screen's resolution or one size smaller. For some this gave an incredible fpsboost. Furthermore you should try to update your drivers first .
Final thing you could do is download a program called Gamebooster.

Hope this helped in some way :)
gamebooster? ;>
yeah , you can temporarily stop some background services that may interfere your game. That way it tries to fasten up your system a little bit.

It's quite handy since it's one-click-ready...
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