gta 4 prob

i have a problem with the clean gateway mission. you have to steal a car and bring it to a garage, but when you are driving the car to the garage you should get a call by vlad. but i dont get this call. ive read that this is because i use a crack. someone has a crack for me which works or someone know how to fix this prob ???
buy the game
best crack ever
Why not just call him instead?
sounds like a case of "u have been warned" :)
call him instead?
geh zett deh
Gangsters - WestCoast Hustle is much better then GTA dude !
du bist so ein dummer hurensohn ahahahaha xD
i would delete gta 4 if it is cracked i installed cracked version and my screen kept turning around (like when your drunk) and eventually i got blue screen cuz of it and it broke my whole harddisk or w/e it broke the dude at store said the computer couldnt read or find anything. so just buy it. :D
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