That win was for Worm hähähähähähähähä

2-2 then Squad.ee set a time from 3 mins on delivery and HB beaten it o noes squad down hähäähähä


hurensöhne habta davon

4-2 for the champs hähähäh gn und hauta newbs
Quoteo noes squad down hähäähähä
stfu tard, no klejf no win, we just gave ur sad life a chance to be happy
seriously, no but really really seriously

nerds rolled nerds
hurensöhne habta davon

lol da spricht jemand von sich selbst :) geh ma arbeiten du fettes stück scheiße und poste nit immer so nen müll :)
i got to say rolled by skilled :<<<<<<<< too bad :(((((((((( fair game and all : ))))))))))) nice game m8
orgasm :D
knew it, gg!
you were really on fire against us on supply also
too bad you were afraid to play delivery :(
i guess u're all sweaty, because of those mouse moves and stress, easy way to lose some kilos :)
lame, but hardly surprising, considering you're a polish child
ow that DID hurt
Quotei guess u're all sweaty, because of those mouse moves and stress, easy way to lose some kilos :)

that must have hurt hummel as well
I only understood it on the 3rd reading
hahaahh ::D:D:D
fat nerd has spoken
u actually won a match? :o
ersma den sieg in deiner chill lounge genießen y000
lol go sleep and take a chillbill now :D:D
never knew bills could be chilling
hold nu kæft din pølsetysker :D
din mor er en tysker ! oh wait
everything to make u HAPPY
and you did what ? 4-46 stats ? MVP !
humm3L ! wp :D
Still living at your mom's place and playing computer games instead of working?
go celebrate your win at maccy d's rolf
fat cunt would need spend bout 40 quid to get full at maccys lad hahaha
captain caps and his his shifte crews stroke back?
had a good impression of u, until u quited after we wanted our map
you guys bitchin' about an absolute uninteresting et opencup game?

who are squad.ee anyways? i haven't of one of those players Oo ..

i've been gone for too long it seems :D
dunno who they r but he's well excited about it
nice one guys =)
da hat jemand wieder verbotener weise gekokst....
at least ure always doing good in EC
Said by you it's not funny
real summ3l?
humm3l, not summ3l
hey guys, i just won a match in ET... i am the greatest of all time now.. get on your knees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
peinlicher fettsack. gabs wenigstens after-game party mit fischringen und dip?
auf der aftershow party wurden deiner fetten mama die fischringe in den anus geschoben und ihre behaarte mumu mit dip verfeinert
Hallo Christian. Ich bin demnächst vielleicht in München. Ostbahnhof und so!
kultfabrik oder was
humM3L über alles!
this game was lucky
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