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Hello everyone,

Since my Samsung SyncMaster 206bw is dying on me I need to get a new monitor and was hoping if some of you can help me.
In my search for a new monitor I came across these two:

Samsung Syncmaster P2450H
Samsung Syncmaster P2370

Would love to hear your opinions on these monitors and if they are shit then tell me which one I should get instead. :)

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Yeah a crt would be great for gaming but I want a LCD screen. :P
20 euro crt from marktplaats could do the trick
making excuses before ec final, nice:p
No need, I will do just fine tomorrow! :)
get one that does 120 hz and thus your 2006 aim back.
My screen back in 2006 could only do 100hz. ;o
Then you'll get better.
Makes sense :D
Just get a CRT if you have the space. If not ask the players that bought 120hz LCDs like Zerender, spirea, etc
You basically answered to anything else but the actual question
It's called an alternative preferable to wasting money on a shitty monitor. I guess I could have included my opinion on why the two monitors aren't good but I like to keep my posts short.

I also posted before the edit.

Quoteand if they are shit then tell me which one I should get instead. :)

So basically you didn't read the journal.
surely it's worth it if he can afford one ^^
tell me plz, playing on crt 120 hz makes a better feeling as crt, the same or a worser one?
bet the first crt should be lcd :)

It's almost as good as crt, but slightly worse
is it a big difference between 60 hz and 120 hz when playing on the same lcd?
and between 60 hz and 75 hz? my bro says its already big :) What do u think?
I barely notice it
thx for the answers! :D
np if the short answers are fine :)
dont u have warranty left?
Samsung 2233rz
get one that does 120 hz and thus your 2006 aim back.
only samsung is an option? :X
Its not the only option,if you know anything better then go ahead and name it. :)

Its just that I only have had samsung and I liked it.
ViewSonic VX2268WM
Ik heb Samsung Syncmaster P2450H

Nice scherm, voor films kijken enzo echt geniaal!!!

gr Farm
your bad either way :<
hello yourself tekoa
2233rz is teh daddy! smoother than this...

OMFG IT'S TEKOA!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111onenoenoeneone
the first one looks nice !
where can i find a lcd that handles 120 hz ? and what does it cost? like 10000000000000$??
Nerd needs a monitor !

id go with the first one just because theyre pritty much the same except the first has a higher contrast ratio. have you looked into these new samsungs with 120hz?
Apparently the new 120Hz viewsonic ones are very nice. I know a guy who plays at a good level on quakelive and he says that although the base is dodgy and wobbles, as screens they are very good. This is someone who otherwise used a Compaq p1220 @ 120Hz.

On that account it's probably more worth waiting for something like this:
get the 120 hz samsung ;o
LG W2220P / Dell 2209WA - will buy one of those since i am sick of TN panels! But i'd still take that Viewsonics 120Hz model (if gaming is on the first place ofc).
Et maps look like 6 bit colour to me anyway.
i know : ) just wanted to add few more words!
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