my passport expires on the 3rd of april and lan is in march

should i get a new passport of will it be okay for me to travel with this passport because i hear that ill be pushing it a bit
well I could sell you mine
do you need passport for travel in EU? ;/
are you joking? its valid till april isn't it :X
LAN is in March, passport expires in April -- it'll be fine.
The UK is not in the Schengen Agreement.
normally there sint any border control, but if you are in some other country without a valid passport, you got troubles^^
What Sol said. You'll be fine...
where did you get this from?
well you're talking about polish people here, they practice
what's the point of reversing flag colours, pls tell me
why would British people need to do it?
lol wonder i typed is so nieceeeee
its valid till april, so you can travel till it's expiered i guess
thought same :o
nah paar maanden voordat die afloopt volges mij om te zorge dat mense niet land uit gaan en dan weg blijven, mensen zijn ruigggggg
Xo where you been?
everywhere and nowhere, kinda failing @ uni atm, trying to get my shit back together.
I have such terrible discipline ughhhh
how are you btw? :D
im cool man, been playing alot of MW2!
lol no shit?! Just finished the SP on that, it any good @ MP? Not that i've got any money to buy it so lulz :XD
you might not be able to cause you need your passport to have like a certain number of weeks left so would probably get a new one just in case
whats the point of that....
no valid passport no lan
u might get butt rape
most countrys say that at the date u want to travel to the country the passport have to be valid for the max visa time (usually 3 month)

but i still wonder that u even need one .. uk works without passport for me (german) but no idea about scotland ^^
yea scotland is not a part of the UK right? :/
ok i meant england with uk :P

btw its the same for everyone in the UK, thats why it says 'British Citizen' on a British passport -_-
ah ok didnt know that .. but jeah they didnt even ask me for a passport so that why i wonder :)
isnt lan in april ?


oh fuck its march
you can use it until like 3 months before it expires , thats how it was with my passport anyway ... but if you make a new one now you will get in 3-4 weeks
send for a new one it only takes a few weeks
dont see any reason you couldnt use it if your return date is inside the validity period
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u need ur passport to check in, dont you?
well ring them up and speak to them
just get a new one, you will get it in time. i think its more flights outside of the EU where they like you have have at least 6 months left on your passport but better to be safe than sorry.
now where the fuck have you been!?!?!
uni :) hows life?
shit, i am an undisciplined fucking bum, but apart from that allrite!
hows u? goin cc7? :D
haha, yeah im good cheers. nah i dont game anymore just play a bit of ps3. are you playing or spectating?
Not sure i can go yet, wud like to play but haven't rly looked for a team :P Might pop in 1 day just to see some guys but i'll se how it turns out :P
PS3 is gay!
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